Kawhi Leonard thanks Gregg Popovich, bids farewell to Spurs fans in heartfelt letter

Kawhi Leonard spent all of his first seven seasons in the league with the Spurs, but it became fairly evident that it was time for him and the club to part ways.

Leonard failed to suit up in the playoffs, as he continued to work through a quadriceps injury — the same one Tony Parker once played through — and he didn’t even travel with the team to support them.

Well, now that he’s moved on to the Raptors (and possibly the Lakers next season), Leonard has finally spoken, and he threw plenty of support at the Spurs organization and the team’s fan base, as well as head coach Gregg Popovich, in a heartfelt goodbye post.

That’s more than Leonard has said in the last year. Maybe he’ll actually speak to the media some time soon.