Kevin Durant trade rumors get another added mystery

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There have been some conflicting reports about Kevin Durant leaving the Brooklyn Nets. Some reports say one thing, and others say a different thing.

It’s tough to figure out what to believe about some of these rumors that we’re hearing around Kevin Durant, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to play in Brooklyn any longer if Sean Marks and Steve Nash are still there.

Kevin Durant Trade Rumors

The New York Post reported that a source close to the Nets had the following to say:

“The ultimatum he made is not what really caused the deterioration. It’s not the ultimatum itself,” the source said.

“There are simple things that erode a relationship. You fired someone he was close to and didn’t have a conversation about it,”

“I would think there are so many things, it’s not one thing,” the source said. “I think KD wants to leave and it doesn’t matter what reasons he says.”

“I don’t think anybody on the team is safe from being traded. Everyone is up for grabs,”

“I don’t think he’s not going to play.”

Will Kevin Durant Be Traded This Season?

From the looks of things right now, it does seem likely that Kevin Durant is going to be traded before the season starts. The question now is going to be what team is going to have enough to make a package worthwhile for the Brooklyn Nets.

Reports have stated that Durant is interested in joining the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, and now even the Philadelphia 76ers. Boston would likely have the best package, but Philadelphia can maybe come up with something that includes Tyrese Maxey.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up, but from the looks of things right now, he likely won’t be in a Brooklyn Nets uniform next season.

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