Kevin Martin said what???

There have been many voices in this God forsaken NBA lockout.  Lawyers, commissioners, federal negotiators – all with some sort of spin coming at us.  Today, former Sacramento King and current Houston Rocket shooting guard Kevin Martin stepped up to the plate to voice the opinion of what has now been deemed, “the silent majority.”   Martin, not typically known for sparking controversy, spoke to’s Sam Amick via text:


If you know for sure [the owners] are not moving, then you take the best deal possible.

It appears that factions have formed within the union – the hardliners who want to decertify and fight the owners in a lengthy court battle; the union heads who are not willing to take the current deal on the table, but also not ready to decertify the union; and lastly, a large number of players who are willing to take the deal on the table, “the silent majority”, if you will.

Martin is one of the first players to really step out and go public with his thoughts on the labor negotiations.
I’m not criticizing the fight our union is doing, because they have been in every meeting adding up to countless hours and have been breaking down every number possible. I believe in them and know they have the best interest for us. My opinion — which is just one of 450 players — is that if it comes down to losing a season and 100 percent of the money, we all definitely have to sit down and think about reality. That doesn’t sound smart to possibly become part of the [country’s] growing unemployment rate.

Certainly there will be backlash for Martin, but at this point, what does he and countless other players have to lose?  Hunter and Fisher have been handed their lunch in negotiations.  The decertification camp is ready to blow up the league.  Shouldn’t someone say what is on the minds of the third and most likely largest contingent of players?

No spin here.  Just a heavy dose of reality.

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