Kevin Smith, you have lost me as a fan.

I have just found out that Kevin Smith is all for moving the Coyotes to Canada. Did he forget that he is an American? All of his movies focus on the east coast area, mostly New Jersey, and he wants an American city to move to Canada? Where are your priorities man? Would you rather be a Canadian, because right now I would gladly kick your ass over the border. They can have your sorry ass. I’m glad the NHL kicked your blog off their site. This is Un-American, especially from someone who is SO proud to be from New Jersey. Where is your American/NJ pride now? What if he wanted to take your team and move it to Canada? Would you still support him?

I will never buy another ticket or DVD of your movies again. I may never watch Mallrats again. Even though it is one of my all time favorite movies, I would rather not watch something made by someone who would support ripping my team out from under me and giving it to that slime ball Balsillie.

Spread the word, spread the love, spread the hockey.

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