L City. Bruins Lose.

I think the biggest problem with Bruins’ games is that they’re so…



Take tonight’s game for example. There was nothing exciting, sans a goal by Frank Vatrano, that made you jump out of your seat with excitement. Jesus Christ, even the fight was boring.

Everything’s boring.

We can talk about the Bruins getting points in 3 of their last 6 games if that makes you guys feel any better, but nothing this team is doing is inspiring hope in me that Krejci and/or Backes and/or McQuaid coming back will make a monumental difference.

I know, Allen Mayo, resident negative cunt sniffer.

Do you think Adam McQuaid is in the place of Brandon Carlo, who gift wrapped a turnover in the slot for Mitch Marner to rattle top side on Rask?

Immediately, I tweeted out that someone somewhere was going to blame Rask for that goal. I kind of hope Rask does get traded at some point so when Khudobin or Zane McIntyre are sucking between the pipes, Tuukka Rask will look down upon Boston and laugh.

I’m really crabby you guys and I’m sorry.

I’m sick of watching this hockey team either:

  1. Get their ass kicked.
  2. Blow a lead late in a period.
  3. Eek out a win by the skin of their teeth.

Outside of a few games, this season has been so fucking boring. It’s been so bad, I’ve had trouble watching without falling asleep and I’m not even diagnosed with narcolepsy. I just think the Bruins produce on the ice isn’t good and while the aforementioned players will make the product better, it won’t put them in a playoff hunt.

Are they better than some of the teams in the hunt for the final wild card spot?

New York Islanders?
Detroit Red Wings?
Philadelphia Flyers?
Montreal Canadiens?


But they’re also third worst team in the conference if you go by the standings.

They have a negative goal differential and it doesn’t matter who is in net because the defense can’t move players out of the mother fucking goal mouth.

If this is me complaining, fine, I’m complaining.

But fuck it, if I am going to spend 3+ hours to watch a hockey game, make it god damn entertaining.