Lakers’ Twitter followers have soared after LeBron signing, while Cavaliers’ declined

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Lakers

No matter where he goes, it is safe to say LeBron James will move the needle. It is also safe to say wherever he leaves will suffer a tough hangover in many ways. According to a statistic pointed out by Legion Hoops, it looks like the social media accounts for the Lakers have gained a large amount of followers while the Cavaliers have lost a lot.

From that statistic, that was just one week of changes from each account. As the season goes on and the playoffs get closer, that stat should change a lot. This is not the first time this has happened, as Legion Hoops also pointed out the effects of LeBron leaving to the Miami Heat twitter account in 2014.

Losing 300,000 followers in a short span after LeBron James’ announcement is a lot bigger than the numbers seen with the Lakers so far. But, the effects of LeBron James and what he does for franchise’s on and off the court is substantial.

The next move for the Lakers could affect this ratio even more — while they are still in the hunt for Kawhi Leonard and possibly other superstars  as the remaining months of the offseason unfold.

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