Landry Shamet Player Profile


  • Sniper! 43% career 3P shooter on 364 attempts, NBA Range
  • Variety of moves to get off his jumper: Step-backs, High PnR pull-ups, jab steps
  • Shot-Package: Runners, floaters, step-backs, threes, mid-range, L/R finishes at rim
  • Passing: Great vision
  • Attacks close-outs like a professional
  • Gutsy: Non-athlete who won’t back down from bigs at the rim
  • Footspeed: Quicker than he looks
  • Off-Ball potential: Height to play two-guard, moves well w/o the ball


  • Physical Profile: Good height for a guard but slight of build, short wingspan
  • Get pushed around on defense too much, but this can be fixed
  • Quickness doesn’t carry over from offense to defense, questioning his motor when playing on the other side of the ball
  • Athletic limitations

Pro Comp

  • Kevin Martin
  • Less-athletic Jamal Murray
  • Seth Curry

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 4/5
  • Picks 20-30


  • 6’5�?
  • 190 lbs
  • 6’6.75�? Wingspan


Landry Shamet is a prolific shooter but, this high?

Damn right. Sometimes we have a tendency to get too cute in our scouting. People can often forget that the most important skill in the NBA is knowing how to put that damn ball in the hoop. Landry Shamet can do that with the best of them. He will compete with Bridges and Young for the best 3P shooter in this draft and hits from NBA range effortlessly. Furthermore, Shamet makes up for his lack of athleticism by using a array of separation-creation dribbles and moves. Peep the stepback gif in his profile. Shamet has seen his assist numbers almost double this year, and the tape shows that he is learning the PnR at a high pace. Defensively, Shamet gets bullied. He is also prone to getting burnt; however, this could be changed by addressing his stance. Yet, Shamet is a scrappy guard who has a mean streak in him and always plays like he knows he is the underdog. I’ll take an elite shooter any day of the week, especially one who can create for others. It would be smart to bet that Shamet overcomes his physical attributes and excels as a future NBA contributor.


1. Attacking close-out and passing vision

Landry Shamet Player Profile

2. Shedding future draftee Jacob Evans for a high PnR pull-up three

Landry Shamet Player Profile

3. Creating separation despite lacking top-tier athleticism

Landry Shamet Player Profile

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