Last-moment updates on Snoop

1) The P-I reports two sources say it’s Oregon, and it has been since Sunday or Monday of this week. Kind of contradicts some things said later this week, but what ya gonna do??

2) The Times says it’s still up in the air and the Cougs put the full-court press on yesterday.

3) One of the biggest “pitchers” of WSU football, recruit Shelton Danzy, put up a quick note to his boy Snoop yesterday. Pretty interesting, didn’t say for sure where he will go but kind of lends to the idea that he’s not going to Pullman with them:

Venoms Much More Than Just Fellow Recruits

By Staff Writer

January 20, 2005

SEATTLE, WA — Well, we are entering the final lap of this recruiting marathon. With roughly two weeks left in the recruiting season all but two of the Venoms have verballed. J. Stewart is on deck and due to annouce tomorrow during the 5:00 news on King5. While J. Taylor is taking his third official visit this weeked to Eastern.

J. Stewart’s highly publicized recruitment is coming to an end, but it would be our (Venoms) hope that all fans of both the Cougars and Ducks remain above reproach as to talking about the character of this incredible student-athlete. Jonathan, as we all spoke last night I hope you know that whether or not you decide to come to Pullman with us or travel to Eugene, has no barring on our bond whatsoever.

J. Taylor never doubt your talent as a football player; you are a gifted athlete. And, even though it looks like things aren’t going to work out as far as you being a Coug, you are definitely a Coug at heart! If we could change things and bring you to Pullman – you know we would do it in a heartbeat. There is no doubt that you are going to be a great receiver/ return specialist no matter where you decide to attend college.

What simply started as five players meeting at a football camp, has now blossed into a full-fledged friendship in just a short time. Hopefully, we will all be friends for life regarless of the colors of our jerseys…

Mighty Balls!!! Til The End.

Finally, some real optimism. This, from his hometown Olympian newspaper, in today’s editions. I think the door is open a crack, but we’ll see at 5:50 tonight. Lawson, don’t worry, I’ll call you with what happens. That’s right about the time we get home from work, but I am sure KJR will carry it live on the radio so I’ll call you as soon as it’s announced.

Here’s the article. Leads me to think 1) a lot of the speculation is correct, and he’s decided on Oregon earlier this week, and 2) we STILL have a chance in this thing! Also gets me excited to see how hard we came yesterday, Levy leading the charge (Mr. Mead has RAVED about Levy for years, the UW both loves and fears what that guy will do as head coach in the future and was on their initial short-list!):

From the Olympian:

Last week, Timberline football coach Kevin Young wagered a fairly educated guess on where standout running back Jonathan Stewart would attend college.

“If I had to guess where he’s going, I’d say Oregon,” Young said at the time.

While the Ducks are widely considered to be the favorites to land Stewart, the prize recruit might throw a change-up when he announces his decision at the KING-5 studios during today’s 5 p.m. newscast.

Washington State sent a cadre of coaches — led by offensive coordinator Mike Levenseller — to the school Thursday, making a last-minute pitch to snag the nation’s No. 1 running back recruit.

“Washington State came with the A-game today,” Timberline receiver Jaron Taylor, one of Stewart’s closest friends, said Thursday. “I was in the room with the Wazzu coaches, and they brought the A-game.”

Taylor is one of the select few whom Stewart has told of his decision, but said nothing’s final just yet.

“Right now, I think he will think about it real hard and make his final decision (today),” Taylor said.

Levenseller, along with running backs coach Kelly Skipper and offensive line coach Ed Yarno, showed Stewart film and spoke with the Blazers’ coaches in an afternoon meeting.

Was the Cougars’ end run enough to potentially change Stewart’s mind?

“It’s very possible it could,” Timberline assistant coach Randy Oliveria said. “But I can’t let it out of the bag.”

At school, the halls were buzzing about which school Stewart, the state’s all-time leading rusher with 7,757 career yards, would select.

“We all know that it’s between Washington State and Oregon, but it’s a mixed opinion about which one it is,” Timberline quarterback Nick Maxwell said. “It’s 50-50. I’m excited to hear where he picks.”

Jamie Newberg, the National Recruiting Analyst for, said Stewart’s final destination remains a mystery even to those who follow recruiting for a living.

“I honestly don’t know. I wish I knew,” Newberg said. “Jonathan is a different bird. A lot of kids will give you favorites, and he never did that once. He always kept things close to the vest. When you have that, it’s very difficult to predict.

“If you put a gun to my head, at least I’d have a 50-50 chance.”

The speculation on Stewart’s decision has grown markedly in the last week, leading to some off-base projections.

“It’s been crazy how much rumors start,” Taylor said. “I don’t know how people come up with this stuff. They just assume things that are wrong.”

Today, Stewart will get a chance to put everything to rest, and to end the biggest recruiting battle the South Sound has ever seen.

“Everybody will find out (today),” Oliveria said.

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