Late signee Mundy makes it! Plus new Mkristo Diary week 3

Great news regarding a late signee, Nehemiah Mundy. He was an under the radar type kid, who verballed to USC in 2003 but then didn’t make it via low SAT scores. He sat out last year, and then instead of trying again to go to USC, he declared himself available to go anywhere. Kelly Skipper quickly got on him, and he gave a commitment in March of this year, a month after signing day. He’s a big, fast DB and the fact USC wanted him says a lot, don’t you think? Anyway, a huge thing was that he’s one of the best friends of Michael Bumpus, his former teammate from Culver City High. Read on:

THE COLLEGE PLANS of incoming Cougar Nehemiah Mundy just got a whole lot clearer. The defensive back had been working with a tutor “and studying like crazy” in anticipation of the SAT.

Late signee Mundy makes it! Plus new Mkristo Diary week 3

He got the results back less than 24 hours ago.
Mundy (6-1, 170) signed with Washington State in March of this year, with the thought the cornerback would likely grayshirt. A delayed enrollment still looks to be the plan, but Mundy has passed the SAT and will be donning the crimson and gray, be it in August or in January.The lockdown cornerback got in touch with CF.C moments after he’d talked with coach Kelly Skipper to relay the good news.

“I’m ecstatic, I don’t know what to do with myself,” Mundy said. “(Skipper) said that it was great, but I’ll probably grayshirt because I sat out last year and he just wants me to be ready coming in.”Another reason could be the incoming Cougs who signed with Washington State in February are looking to be on track academically. The delayed enrollment for January would also allow Mundy to partake in the Cougs’ spring sessions, and an early acclimation period with the semester of college coursework.

MUNDY HAILS FROM Culver City, Calif., the same Southern California town where WSU mined gold a year ago with wide receiver Michael Bumpus. Seniors on the 2003 Culver City High team, the pair nearly became Trojans last year with each receiving an offer from USC, but Bumpus chose WSU and academic hurdles prevented Mundy from signing.The day before when Mundy didn’t yet know he’d achieved a qualifying score, he said he was working his tail off, both academically and physically.”I’m working out every day,” he said. “That’s my plan for the next few months, so right now I have a private tutor and I’m studying like crazy.”Mundy, last timed in the 40 at 4.46, had 80 tackles his senior year, with 10 pass breakups and 2 INTs.”Nehemiah is very quick, he has very good speed,” said Culver City head man Tom Salter. “He was being recruited by all the Pac-10 schools.”This March, Bumpus and Skipper were both key in luring Mundy to Washington State.

Notes:Some of the Cougs who have benefited from a grayshirt year include Josh Swogger, Troy Bienemann and Charles Harris.

MKRISTO’s Week 3 Diary:

By MKRISTO BRUCE WSU Defensive EndDate: Jun 28, 2005

PULLMAN — I say it again! The Coug fans ask and they shall receive!

Late signee Mundy makes it! Plus new Mkristo Diary week 3

Here I am again, with the third entry in the diary of Mkristo Bruce. I logged on and read a few of the postings on and I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support from all of you Coug fans!
The main thing I love about WSU is that there’s no better fan in the world than a Coug Fan. I have been all over the United States, and it’s the funniest thing — I’ve run into rambunctious Coug fans every trip. It’s just so beautiful.As we start to get further into the summer, the workouts become more and more challenging. You can feel the intensity level increasing, and the players becoming more and more focused.TO ANSWER a few questions out there on the CF.C message boards, I would like to say “Yes!” to nearly all of them. Yes, each player buys into the program. Yes, each player holds himself accountable for being bigger, faster, and stronger. Yes, we have outstanding leadership from the seniors, and finally, Yes, we can’t wait to get back on the field.There was also a question about the Cougs’ confidence level after a losing season. For a long time after the season, I was upset, hurt and disappointed. But after talking with a few of the players, I took the positives from the season and ran with them.Just think about this — we had young players out there doing some amazing things on the field. We were all learning together as a team. We took a lot of young guys who had never started a Pac-10 game, nor played beside many of their teammates. We took these guys and we won games — not enough games, but we won. But the main thing was we were all gaining experience.For me, to come out and say I wasn’t nervous at the beginning wouldn’t be true. My first start at New Mexico, I was a complete and utter mess of nerves and apprehension. But now, with that year under our belts, we’re all really coming together as a team. We work harder, run harder, and play harder.WHICH PLAYERS ARE the strongest in the weight room? All I can say is that its pretty hard to beat (Scott) Davis, (Steve) Dildine and (Adam) Braidwood.Picture three bodybuilder types, men who idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger and have as their motto, “Increase the weights”. I know, I know. It sounds a little crazy but these guys really INCREASE THE WEIGHTS! Sometimes I think these three live in a little apartment in the back of the weight room.Players consistently stop for a moment to gather ‘round and watch what crazy amounts of weight they’ll push around.If you have questions, post them on the CF.C message boards and I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can but before I go, I’ll leave you with an update on one other player. Husain Abdullah is following in the footsteps of his brother, Hamza Abdullah, also a safety and a guy who was most definitely heard ’round the weight room and practice field during his time at WSU.Husain’s been an outstanding leader during these workouts. He leads the lines and encourages all of the players to be the best they can be. I’ve had the opportunity to be in the huddle with Husain and I know he will be a HUGE part of our defense next year.Because, Coug fans, we all know that DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!Mkristo, No. 94

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