Lawson’s response

All I can say is, wow!

Man, do I wish I lived in the NW to hear that coaches show…..

Excellent points made by coach Doba through Mr. Hawkins overall…

Did you guys read that the CU coach/ex-WSU assistant said that he thought the Cougs had a great chance to run the table with the defense????

It will be an interesting ride, for sure…lets just get out of the next two weeks alive at 3-1 and without further injury and then see how the season unfolds….interesting bellweather games this weekend though…notably UCLA-UW, OSU-New Mexico, Iowa-ASU (the Big 10 may be REAL overrated this year) and is it just me, or are you guys beginning to wonder if Stanford may be good this year????

I’m sticking with 31-7 sleeper for this weekend (and chalk up 3 missed field goals by our weiner kicker)

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