Game Day Thready — Senators Vs Leafs

Game Day Thready -- Senators Vs Leafs
Team With a 99.2% Chance to Make the Playoffs (33-21-4) Vs Team With 0.0% Chance to Make the Playoffs (18-29-11) @ ACC, 7pm ET; Television: CBC
** The above playoff odds are courtesy of Sports Club Stats.
Here is my prediction that was featured in James Gordon’s Ottawa Citizen prediction panel

Senators 3, Leafs 2

What is it about the Toronto Maple Leafs that compels their brass to acquire goaltenders who have been a thorn in the side of the Senators? First Martin Gerber, now Jean Sebastien Giguere and his lacrosse-sized equipment. Fortunately, Giguere’s game has regressed to a level that his equipment shouldn’t help, and I think that’s why the Senators will avenge their ’07 Cup Finals loss to him. Also, what better subplot for tonight’s game than finding out which story gets more airtime on the CBC — Toronto’s trades or Ottawa’s 11-game winning streak?

Here are the lines for tonight’s game: Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson; Kovalev-Fisher-Shannon; Ruutu-Kelly-Neil; Cheechoo-Regin-Winchester. Brian Elliott gets the nod in nets while Alexandre Picard draws back into the lineup because of Erik Karlsson’s shoulder injury.

When the Senators are on a winning streak like they currently are, it’s tough to really get down when news breaks that young and productive players like Nick Foligno and Erik Karlsson would be lost to injury for a number of weeks. We all eventually say things like, ah well, at least the team is still winning. Frankly, it’s tough to complain….until I find out that that Bob Cole is the likely play-by-play guy  for tonight’s game.

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