Leaner (And Meaner) Meatballs

Joey Lucchesi

Yeah, because you had Joey Lucchesi as the first starting pitcher to throw a pitch in the 7th inning this season.

Aside from what Joey Meatballs’ seven shutout innings meant to the Mets and their pitching staff in a 7-0 win, what a thrill that had to be for Joey, coming back from Tommy John surgery, toiling in the minors when everybody (including me) forgot he was still on the team. Then he does that? They’d be making this into a movie right now if it didn’t happen in a west coast game that nobody on the east coast stayed up for.

Lucchesi struck out nine and walked two in his seven innings, relying primarily on the fastball. Remember when his issue in 2021 was batters killing him the second time through the order? An opponent’s average of .311 second time through was keeping Joey Meatballs from going five innings, much less seven. Granted, he was facing a team that struggled against lefties, But the Giants still had lefty mashers and former Mets all over the place, which was statistically, and karmically, against Joey Meatballs. But he got a key double play in the first off Just Dingers Davis, and got one in the 6th off Wilmer Flores, which enabled him to keep his pitch count down and give the Mets the 7th inning, ending at 97 pitches.

Of course, don’t forget the offense, which is continuing on a hot stretch which the Mets need to get them through to May, where they will hopefully get Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander back. Pete Alonso hit a two run HR in the second and had four RBI on the night. The lineup as a whole had 13 hits, and five guys had two hits. The Mets are now 7-1 on a road trip that has historically been tough on them … the California trip. They’re 14-7 overall, which if they keep it up …

Okay, they’re not going to keep that pace up. But isn’t it nice to have a team/roster/organization that can overcome calamities like losing four of their five starting pitchers? Hell, some Mets teams would already be in the Topps card portion of their seasons by now.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Dave Kaval
  2. Shane Victorino
  3. Josh Donaldson
  4. Yan Gomes
  5. Joe Torre
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