LeBron James lobbies for NBA to launch its own ‘Hard Knocks’ type of series

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This particular season of “Hard Knocks” is one of HBO’s best, and it apparently caught the eye of a four-time NBA MVP.

LeBron James is a known Cowboys fan — although he apparently somehow roots for the Browns as well, when it suits him — so it’s not a huge surprise that he’s been watching “Hard Knocks.”

What is, however, is that James wants the NBA to launch their own version of HBO’s hit show.

LBJ, after all, doesn’t appear the type to give a competitive advantage to his opponents with this type of “behind the scenes” view. However, he probably knows that he’s entering the final act of his career, and the Lakers wouldn’t be a likely candidate to be chosen during that time.

And from the business side of things, he knows exactly what he’s doing, with his media company, SpringHill Co., being a possible candidate to get involved, if the NBA were interested.

He’s a smart businessman — we’ll say that.

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