LeBron James trolls hard with disrespectful no-look three-pointer (Video)

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The Rockets are so bad on defense that LeBron James didn’t even need to look at the basket to know that his shot was going in.

Houston have lost four of its last five games, and in case anyone is wondering why, they can look no further than the pathetic display of defense on one particular play in Tuesday’s game against the Lakers.

LeBron James is viewed by many to be the best player in the world, and he often draws the attention of two players — sometimes even three. Well, the Rockets are so bad that they allowed James to drift into the corner with no one even within feet of him, and he took advantage of it.

LBJ actually took a dribble after receiving a pass, then put up an uncontested three-pointer. He was so sure it was going in, then he turned around toward the bench. Sure enough, it went down.

What an embarrassing display of defense, which was met with a high level of trolling by James on that no-look bucket.

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