Let Down

Wowzers… how did we go from having the best game of the season to the worse in the span of about 48 hours? Was it the turkey? The stuffing? The Ray-Ray cabbage rolls? I mean… who eats cabbage rolls on Turkey day?!?

I’m pretty sure we had no defense men on the ice last night. Pretty much all the Canucks goals were a result of defensemen break downs. Smith was working his ass off but his dmen were not that helpful.

The best part of the game was the guy in our section that yelled out “We want Turris” during the PP. LMAO. Yes because his 19 goals over the past 3 seasons is really going to get our offense going. Yes, he is going to ROCK the PP. Kyle Turris still has a lot to prove.. he is not the answer at this point dude.

Also, I loved the old, fat Winnipegger behind me at warmups… “Are you guys going to sit down?” Me: No, we are watching warmups. Turn back around & do my best to block his view even more. If you want to see either stand up (like everyone else watching warmups) or move to where you can see. Nothing bothers me more than people telling me to sit down at games when everyone else is standing. Stop being lazy! 

I also enjoyed the Swede (thats what it sounded she was speaking) behind me who started throwing her popcorn when the Canucks won. She is lucky that was just popcorn. If she had showered me in anything else, her ass would be severely kicked. Who does that?

Overall that was a sad game to watch. I pretty much started reading twitter in the third. They guys weren’t putting in much effort, why should I? I am hoping tonight is better. Tonight may be even more important of a game. Each time we have played the Stars this season it seems we give up a goal in the last two minutes to tie it. We cannot give them a point tonight!

Let’s Go Yotes! 

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