Let’s Continue The Predictions…

Okay, I’ll be honest. Today was supposed to be Part One of the Organizational Depth Chart of pitchers, with Part Two tomorrow. However, the task is monumental, and Part One is close to being completed, Part Two has yet to be started. Thus, Part One shall be tomorrow, Part Two next Thursday.
So I had to muse on what to write about today. I looked at what Zach wrote, and I thought a couple of things.
First thought was: “Hmm.”
Second was, why don’t I turn these predictions into something worthwhile? Thus, At the end of February, I’m going to take all the predictions that you made about the standings and create an official “Fire Brand Standings Prediction” which will be an average of everyone’s projections. We’ll see how right (or wrong) everyone was at the end of the season. Go HERE to leave your AL East Projections.
And now today? Today the projections are for SIX people on the Red Sox. I’ll turn that into a “Fire Brand Statistics Prediction” with comments closing the end of February, as well. I’ll start things off. Three hitters, and three pitchers.
For COCO CRISP, project Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage/Home Runs/Doubles.
For DAVID ORTIZ, project Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage/Home Runs/RBI.
For KEVIN YOUKILIS, project Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage/Home Runs/Games Played.
For CURT SCHILLING, project Wins/Losses/Innings Pitched/ERA/Starts
For KEITH FOULKE, project Saves/Blown Saves/Innings Pitched/ERA/WHIP
For JONATHAN PAPELBON, project Wins/Losses/Innings Pitched/ERA/Games and of these, how many starts.
My predictions…
Coco Crisp – .305/.355/.475, with 20 HR and 50 doubles
David Ortiz – .298/.405/.599 with 42 HR and 140 RBI
Kevin Youkilis – .270/.380/.405 with 15 HR in 120 games
Curt Schilling – 17-8 in 194 IP, 3.25 ERA in 30 starts
Keith Foulke – 35 SV, 8 BS in 75 IP with a 2.90 ERA and 1.01 WHIP
Jonathan Papelbon – 10-5 in 120 IP, 3.57 ERA in 50 G, 10 GS

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