List of Joe: Bills/Colts recap- Shady is MONEY

List of Joe: Bills/Colts recap- Shady is MONEY

1) The Bills are the shittiest 7-6 team ever. Alright, that’s an overstatement. This team drives me bonkers when it comes to really taking them seriously, especially  with what they’ve done over the last 7 weeks or so. Yet, I think back to August and how I felt the Bills would be lucky to win 4-5 games. Well, here we are, the Bills have almost doubled the amount of wins I thought they’d get, but there are still things that piss me off about them. My heart wants to say this is the beginning of something good for years to come as they’ve exceeded my expectations.

However, I remember those pesky Dick Jauron teams that were short on talent, but would always get 7 wins (See: 2007 season). This is also the 12th time the Bills have been 7-6 or 6-7 during the drought, so, spare me with the “Things feel different” narrative. When you look at the stats, outside of McCoy’s season and a few of the DBs making plays, they don’t pop off the page. Heading into this game, they were 27th in defense and 26th in offense. So, again, I don’t know how they are 7-6 and still in the hunt.

So, I’m happy we can still scoreboard watch as they are still in the hunt, but, man, there’s some boneheaded decisions they’ve made. I think the hardest part is that outside of the 2017 draft class, I just don’t think the players we are watching will be here long term. They’ve done alright with a not so talented team, but how much should their success have to do with their schedule and how much should your faith for the future be when the roster probably changes majorly next year? In the end, this season may not mean shit in the grand scheme of who McBeane really are.

2) LeSean McCoy is money. I wish the Bills could freeze him in carbonate and wait to thaw him in 2019 when they are hopefully a legit team. McCoy had  32 carries (career high) for 156 yards (6th best for career and most as a Bill) and seemed to do most of his damage between the tackles. Also, he did it when it mattered most as 78 of his rushing yards came on the Bills only two TD drives and that came on just 4 carries. He’s over 1000 yards rushing on the season and he’s the first Bill to hit that mark in back-to-back seasons since Marshawn Lynch in 2007/2008. Just remember those early season struggles when McCoy had 169 yards rushing in a 4 game stretch (game 2 to game 5). He’s turned it on as in his last 4 games, McCoy has 411 yards rushing. The offense only goes as far as McCoy carries it.

3) Let’s talk about the McDermott call to punt in OT from the Indy 41-yard line on 4th and 1. It was fucking stupid. Anyone trying to defend it is currently drunk.  The Bills gained like 10 yards on field position since the Colts drove the ball to the 31-yard line. It was dumb. The Bills lucked into Joe Webb chucking a wounded duck to Deonte Thompson and McCoy busting out a TD. McDermott should kiss Thompson and McCoy’s ass for that final drive or that would have lived on in infamy for the drought’s history. This isn’t the first time McDermott has made some 1982 game management moves and we will probably see it again.

4) I thought Nathan Peterman made two nice throws and that’s it. Sorry, but if you think I’m going to give him the Bills QB job because he completed two decent passes to Kelvin Benjamin that you can add to your GIF collection, you are crazy. In fairness to him, it was almost impossible for any QB to look good in that weather and for me to give some sort of rights of passage to be an NFL starter. The bigger issue is that if Joe Webb is your QB going forward, you are going to have serious issues. At this rate, they may have to run the option with Webb. I’m serious.

5) Zay Jones was targeted zero times today, while Benjamin was targeted 8 times.

6) The Bills rush defense gave up 163 yards rushing against the Colts and have now given up 1,047 yards in their last 6 games. The first 7 games of the season they gave up 561 yards. In fairness, the YPA was really low against against the Colts (3.5), but the rushing defense has been on a downhill slope for awhile now.

7) Please throw the wildcat offense, Dick Rennison, and Mike Tolbert into the sun.

8) Sean McDermott needs to lay off the military valor shit. I like the military, but not everything you do as a football team has to do with the military. “This isn’t anything different than what our military has to deal with” in regards to the weather at halftime. Really? Dude, stop fucking shoehorning the military into everything. I’m glad you love them, but use that love when it really matters. Also, I must have missed the memo on the military siege of the North Pole.

9) Bills were in shotgun 14 times today and ran McCoy out of that formation just once.

10) Both these teams aren’t very good.


INJECT THIS INTO MY VEINS! Seriously, godspeed to those crazy bastards who go through flaming tables and watched this game in the stands. Also happy for the players who seemed to have a ball playing in the snow. Snow normally sucks, but when you are playing football in it, it can be a wonderland.

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