Little Known Facts About Fabricio Oberto Part II

Little Known Facts About Fabricio Oberto Part
Fabricio Oberto eats fajita tacos for every meal. Though he oftens forgets to kill the cow!
The NBA is considering renaming “flagrant fouls” to “Oberto Fouls”!
The reason the Riverwalk is empty of water each year is because Oberto got thirsty!
It’s impossible for Oberto to be mortal!
The phrase “Shock and Awe” was originally used to describe Oberto’s right and left biceps!
There is no such thing as a hurricane. Oberto just doesn’t like the state of Florida!
The Chief export of Argentina is Fabricio Oberto!
When an NBA ref calls a foul on Oberto, Oberto tells the ref “say please!”
When Oberto fouls another player, he doesn’t consider it a foul if the player survives!
Oberto doesn’t need a passport to go back to Argentina. He simply rides a rabies-infected rot-wiler from San Antonio to Argentina just to pick himself up some coffee.

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