Live Updates: 2022 Game 4 National League Championship Series


Here are the live updates for Game 4 of the National League Championship Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres.

Top of the First Inning:

7:46 PM ET–Falter pitching for Philly.

7:49 PM ET–Profar pops up.

7:50 PM ET–Soto grounds out.

7:51 PM ET–Machado solo home run. 1-0 Padres 

7:54 PM ET–Bell single

7:59 PM ET–Cronenworth walks.

8 PM ET–Drury two-run double. 3-0 Padres. Scores Bell and Cronenworth. 

8:04 PM ET–Brogdon into pitch for Phillies.

8:06 PM ET–Kim RBI base hit scores Drury. 4-0 Padres. 

8:07 PM ET–Grisham strikes out.

Bottom of the First Inning:

8:11 PM ET–Schwarber base hit.

8:14 PM ET–Hoskins two-run home run. 4-2 Padres. 

8:17 PM ET–Realmuto walks.

8:20 PM ET–Harper RBI double scores Realmuto. 4-3 Padres. 

8:24 PM ET–Martinez into pitch for Padres.

8:27 PM ET–Castellanos grounds out to shortstop and advances Harper to third.

8:31 PM ET–Bohm strikes out.

8:34 PM ET–Stott strikes out.

Top of the Second Inning:

8:39 PM ET–Nola flies out to right field.

8:40 PM ET–Profar flies out to right field.

8:44 PM ET–Soto flies out to right field.

Bottom of the Second Inning:

8:48 PM ET–Segura flies out to right field.

8:50 PM ET–Marsh flies out to center field.

8:53 PM ET–Schwarber strikes out.

Top of the Third Inning:

8:58 PM ET–Machado strikes out.

9 PM ET–Bell flies out.

9:03 PM ET–Cronenworth grounds out to first.

Bottom of the Third Inning:

9:07 PM ET–Hoskins flies out to right field.

9:08 PM ET–Realmuto grounds out to shortstop.

9:12 PM ET–Harper flies out to left field.

Top of the Fourth Inning:

9:15 PM ET–Bellatti into pitch for Phillies.

9:16 PM ET–Drury strikes out.

9:17 PM ET–Kim flies out.

9:19 PM ET–Grisham strikes out.

Bottom of the Fourth Inning:

9:23 PM ET–Castellanos doubles.

9:26 PM ET–Bohm strikes out.

9:27 PM ET–Strott RBI singles scores Castellanos, but out at second base.

9:28 PM ET–Segura lines out to second.

Top of the Fifth Inning:

9:31 PM ET–Hand into pitch for the Phillies.

9:34 PM ET–Nola grounds out.

9:38 PM ET–Profar walks.

9:40 PM ET–Soto two-run home run…6-4 Padres

9:43 PM ET–Machado flies out to first.

9:45 PM ET–Bell grounds out.

Bottom of the Fifth Inning:

9:48 PM ET–Marsh strikes out

9:50 PM ET–Schwarber walks.

9:51 PM ET–Hoskins second home run of the evening….6-6 

9:55 PM ET–Realmuto walks.

9:58 PM ET–Harper RBI double…7-6 Phillies

10:02 PM ET–Garcia into pitch for Padres

10:02 PM ET–Castellanos RBI single scores Harper. 8-6 Phillies 

10:04 PM ET–Garcia strikes out Bohm.

10:06 PM ET–Stott flies out to center.

Top of the Sixth:

10:10 PM ET–Cronenworth grounds out of second. Syndergaard pitching for Philadelphia.

10:12 PM ET–Drury grounds out to Syndergaard.

10:13 PM ET–Kim base hit to left field.

10:15 PM ET–Grisham flies out to right field.

Bottom of the Sixth:

10:21 PM ET–Segura strikes out.

10:24 PM ET–Marsh flies out.

10:26 PM ET–Schwarber solo home run 9-6 Phillies 

10:27 PM ET–Hoskins flies out thanks to a great diving catch by Kim…

Top of the Seventh:

10:31 PM ET–Nola flies out to center. Robertson pitching for Phillies…

10:33 PM ET–Profar gets infield single thanks to a bunt.

10:36 PM ET–Soto hits into a fielder’s choice.

10:39 PM ET–Machado base hit single.

10:41 PM ET–Bell struck out.

Bottom of the Seventh:

10:45 PM ET–Wilson pitching for Phillies

10:46 PM ET–Solo home run J.T. Realmuto 10-6 Phillies 

10:48 PM ET–Harper grounds out

10:49 PM ET–Castellanos pops up to catcher.

10:53 PM ET–Bohm grounds out.

Top of the Eighth:

10:57 PM ET–Robertson strikes out Cronenworth.

10:59 PM ET–Drury strikes out.

11 PM ET–Kim grounds out to Stott.

Bottom of the Eighth:

11:04 PM ET–Morejon pitching for the Padres, strikes out Stott…

11:05 PM ET–Segura base hit to right field…

11:06 PM ET–Marsh flies out to center field…

11:08 PM ET–Machado diving catch to get Schwarber out…

Top of the Ninth:

11:12 PM ET–Eflin into pitch…

11:13 PM ET–Grisham flies out to left field

11:14 PM ET–Nola strikes out…

11:16 PM ET–Profar grounds out….10-6 Phillies…Philadelphia takes 3-1 NLCS lead


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