Live Updates: Game 2 American League Championship Series


Here are the live updates of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros. Houston won last night 4-2 to take a 1-0 series lead.

Top of the First:

7:41 PM ET–Bader grounds out to third base.

7:42 PM ET–Judge flies out to center field.

7:44 PM ET–Stanton grounds out.

Bottom of the First:

7:48 PM ET–Altuve grounds out to shortstop.

7:50 PM ET–Pena strikes out.

7:51 PM ET–Severino strikes out Alvarez.

Top of the Second:

7:55 PM ET–Yankees completely changing their lineup compared to last night.

7:58 PM ET–Rizzo grounds out to first base.

8:02 PM ET–Torres flies out to deep right.

8:04 PM ET–Donaldson doubles.

8:07 PM ET–Valdez strikes out Higashioka.

Bottom of the Second:

8:10 PM ET–Bregman flies out.

8:12 PM ET–Tucker walks.

8:17 PM ET–Gurriel hard base hit to left field.

8:20 PM ET–Diaz strikes out.

8:22 PM ET–Severino forces McCormick to pop up.

Top of the Third:

8:27 PM ET–Perez flies out.

8:28 PM ET–Cabrera grounds out.

8:30 PM ET–Bader strikes out.

Bottom of the Third:

8:34 PM ET–Maldonado hit by a pitch in the arm.

8:37 PM ET–Severino strikes out Altuve.

8:38 PM ET–Pena base hit to center. Astros rookie now batting .364 in the postseason (eight hits in 22 at bats).

8:40 PM ET–Alvarez hits into fielder’s choice. Advances Maldonado to third.

8:43 PM ET–Bregman three-run home run scores Alvarez and Maldonado. 3-0 Astros

8:44 PM ET–Tucker flies out.

Top of the Fourth:

8:48 PM ET–Judge base hit.

8:49 PM ET–Stanton grounds out back to Valdez. Throwing error by Valdez. Stanton to second and Judge to third.

8:51 PM–Rizzo grounds out and scores Judge. Stanton moves to third. 3-1 Astros. 

8:53 PM ET–Torres infield hit scores Stanton. 3-2 Astros. 

8:56 PM ET–Donaldson strikes out.

8:58 PM ET–Higashioka strikes out. Astros getting more production at the catcher position than the Yankees.

Bottom of the Fourth:

9:01 PM ET–Gurriel grounds out.

9:02 PM ET–Diaz pops up.

9:04 PM–Severino eight pitch inning after striking out McCormick.

Top of the Fifth:

9:09 PM ET–Peraza strikes out.

9:10 PM ET–Cabrera grounds out.

9:12 PM ET–Bader single to right field.

9:15 PM ET–Judge flies out to left field.

Bottom of the Fifth:

9:19 PM ET–Maldonado base hit.

9:21 PM ET–Altuve pops up to shortstop.

9:25 PM ET–Pena flies out to center.

9:27 PM ET–Alvarez strikes out.

Top of the Sixth:

9:31 PM ET–Stanton grounds out.

9:33 PM ET–Rizzo strikes out. Astros pitchers have 23 strikeouts so far in the series.

9:35 PM ET–Torres hits into a unique 5-6-3.

Bottom of the Sixth:

9:38 PM ET–Bregman pops up to shortstop.

9:39 PM ET–Tucker base hit to rightfield.

9:42 PM ET–Loaisiga in for Serevino to pitch for the Yankees.

9:45 PM ET–Gurriel base hit single to left field and advances Tucker to second base.

9:46 PM ET–Diaz hits into an around the horn double play.

Top of the Seventh:

9:52 PM ET–Donaldson strikes out.

9:55 PM ET–Higashioka strikes out.

9:55 PM ET–Valdez now at 100 pitches.

9:56 PM ET–Peraza strikes out.

Bottom of the Seventh:

10:03 PM ET–McCormick grounds out.

10:07 PM ET–Maldonado gets on base again. This time a walk.

10:08 PM ET–Altuve hits into a double play to end the inning. Great defensive play by Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres, who made the throw to second base sitting down.

Top of the Eighth:

10:12 PM ET–Bryan Abreu comes into pitch for Astros.

10:14 PM ET–Cabrera flies out to center field.

10:17 PM ET–Abreu hits Bader.

10:18 PM ET–Judge flies out to deep right field. Bader advances to second.

10:22 PM ET–Stanton strikes out.

Bottom of the Eighth Inning:

10:26 PM ET–Pena grounds out to third base. Peralta pitching for the Yankees to begin the eighth.

10:30 PM ET–Alvarez base hit.

10:32 PM ET–Yankees challenge pickoff attempt on Alvarez at first base. Initially, Alvarez was called safe.

10:34 PM ET–Alvarez out at first. Yankees win challenge.

10:35 PM ET–Bregman base hit.

10:38 PM ET–Tucker pops up…Rizzo and Higashioka collide near first base line but Higashioka makes the catch.

Top of the Ninth:

10:43 PM ET–Pressly in to pitch for Houston.

10:47 PM ET–Rizzo strikes out.

10:50 PM ET–Pressly strikes out Torres.

10:53 PM ET–Donaldson walks.

10:54 PM ET–Locastro pinch running for Donaldson.

10:56 PM ET–Pressly strikes out Carpenter and Houston wins game two 3-2. Game three on Saturday. The Astros heroes in game two were Alex Bregman (three-run home run) and quality start for Framber Valdez.

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