Live Updates: Game 3 National League Championship Series

MLB: Spring Training-San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres

Here are the live updates for game three of the 2022 National League Championship Series between the San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies.

Top of the First Inning:

7:40 PM ET–Suarez strikes out Kim.

7:41 PM ET–Suarez strikes out Soto.

7:44 PM ET–Machado flies out to right field.

Bottom of the First Inning:

7:49 PM ET–Kyle Schwarber Solo Home Run to lead off the Phillies batting order. 1-0 Phillies 

7:53 PM ET–Hoskins walks.

7:57 pm ET–Realmuto walks.

8:01 PM ET–Harper hits into a double play.

8:02 PM ET–Castellanos grounds out.

Top of the Second Inning:

8:06 PM ET–Drury strikes out.

8:07 PM ET–Cronenworth infield base hit fools Bahm at third base…no error as ball took a weird turn and it was going to be an impossible play for Bahm to make.

8:12 PM ET–Myers flies out to Marsh to deep center field.

8:15 PM ET–Profar flies out to right field.

Bottom of the Second Inning:

8:19 PM ET–Bohm grounds out.

8:22 PM ET–Stott doubles.

8:23 PM ET–Segura flies out right field and advances Stott to third base.

8:26 PM ET–Marsh strikes out.

Top of the Third Inning:

8:30 PM ET–Grisham grounds out.

8:31 PM ET–Nola grounds out.

8:32 PM ET–Kim grounds out. Suarez only throws six pitches in the third inning.

Bottom of the Third Inning:

8:36 PM ET–Schwarber flies out to right field.

8:38 PM ET–Musgrove strikes out Hoskins. Phillies starting pitcher rebounded nicely after early struggles in the first inning.

8:40 PM ET–Realmuto flies out.

Top of the Fourth Inning:

8:44 PM ET–Suarez hits Soto.

8:45 PM ET–Machado flies out.

8:47 PM ET–Drury soft single to second base. No Phillies player there because they had the shift on, which was unsuccessful for Philadelphia.

8:48 PM ET–Cronenworth hits into a fielder’s choice, scores Soto. Drury safe at second base due to an error by Segura. Game tied 1-1. Drury initially called out, but the Padres won the challenge. 

8:51 PM ET–Myers flies out.

8:55 PM ET–Profar grounds out.

Bottom of the Fourth Inning:

8:58 PM ET–Harper base hit to right field.

9:01 PM ET–Castellanos hits into double play to shortstop.

9:01 PM ET–Bohm base hit to center field.

9:06 PM ET–Stott double…ball goes to the wall…Very disciplined at bat for Stott considering he is a rookie..Bohm advances to third…

9:10 PM ET–Segura base hit scores Bohm and Stott…3-1 Phillies…Successful challenge made a difference. 

9:11 PM ET–Musgrove picks off Segura at first base.

Top of the Fifth Inning:

9:15 PM ET–Grisham hits to first base…misplayed by Hoskins at first who commits an error…Grisham goes to second…

9:16 PM ET–Nola grounds out to shortstop.

9:17 PM ET–Kim grounds out to shortstop and scores Grisham. 3-2 Phillies 

9:19 PM ET–Soto grounds out…

Bottom of the Fifth Inning:

9:24 PM ET–Marsh strikes out looking…

9:26 PM ET –Schwarber strikes out…

9:28 PM ET –Hoskins strikes out looking….

Top of the Sixth inning:

9:33 PM ET –Machado grounds out to third base…Phillies put Eflin into pitch…

9:35 PM ET–Drury infield base hit

9:38 PM ET–Cronenworth base hit…advances Drury to third base…

9:41 pm ET–Bell hits into a double play…

Bottom of the Sixth inning:

9:45 PM ET–Realmuto grounds out.

9:49 PM ET–Harper grounds out to first base.

9:51 PM ET–Castellanos doubles.

9:52 PM ET–Bohm RBI double scores Castellanos. Phillies up 4-2. Musgrove leaves. 

9:56 PM ET–Hill into pitch for Musgrove.

9:59 PM ET–Stott grounds out.

Top of the Seventh Inning:

10:05 PM ET–Profar singles. Alvarado pitching for the Phillies.

10:07 PM ET–Grisham strikes out.

10:10 PM ET–Nola strikes out.

10:13 PM ET–Kim grounds out.

Bottom of the Seventh Inning:

10:16 PM ET–Interesting statistic for Jean Segura. He becomes the first player in postseason history to record a RBI, error and get picked off in the same inning.

10:17 PM ET–Segura grounds out to shortstop.

10:18 PM ET–Marsh grounds out to first.

10:20 PM ET–Schwarber base hit to left field.

10:23 PM ET–Pierce Johnson new pitcher for the Padres.

10:26 PM ET–Hoskins strikes out.

Top of the Eighth Inning:

10:31 PM ET–Soto base hit to left field.

10:34 PM ET–Dominguez into pitch.

10:36 PM ET–Machado strikes out.

10:39 PM ET–Drury grounds out to Dominguez.

10:43 PM ET–Cronenworth flies out to second base.

Bottom of the Eighth Inning:

10:47 PM ET–Realmuto strikes out looking.

10:49 PM ET–Harper flies out to center

10:50 PM ET–Castellanos grounds out.

Top of the Ninth Inning:

10:54 PM ET–Bell base hit to center…looked like ball hit Dominguez before going into the outfield.

10:57 PM ET–Profar strikes out. Upset about strike and was ejected.

10:59 PM ET–Grisham flies out.

11:01 PM ET–Nola strikes out. Phillies win 4-2 and take a 2-1 NLCS lead.

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