Look: Dak Prescott’s new blonde bombshell girlfriend is a stunner

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott partied it up in Las Vegas with teammate Ezekiel Elliott over the weekend, and he did so with his new girlfriend, Lauren Holley.

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The details of the relationship were obtained by Terez Owens, and the popular gossip site reported the following:

This comes to us via out tip box. “I wanted to write in because I know about a girl Dak Prescott has been dating on and off for quite some time, lauren holley. She has shown me texts that he would send her. She met him when he first moved to Dallas through a mutual friend and they still talk to this day even though she knows he talks to other girls. He always invites her to dinners and random events”

There’s also a video showing Prescott and Holley partying it up together in Vegas.

It’s a bit hard to see Holley there, but we’ve got you covered. Check out some other photos from her Instagram.






Yep, it’s good to be an NFL quarterback.