Look: Mike McCarthy roasted for not challenging Giants ‘catch’ late in game

Mike McCarthy once again showed why he’s one of the worst head coaches in the NFL — this time in the Cowboys’ most important game of the season — and it cost his team.

The Cowboys and Giants were battling it out in a Week 17 showdown, with a potential playoff berth on the line, and the loser eliminated. Dallas trailed throughout the contest, but a second-half surge saw them cut the lead to 20-19 in the fourth quarter.

New York, however, kicked a pivotal field goal to go up by four points, yet they shouldn’t have even had the opportunity to do so. It was ruled that Dante Pettis caught a pass to get the Giants in field-goal range, but the ball clearly hit the ground. And yet, for some reason, McCarthy chose not to challenge it.

And he was roasted as a result.

They’re not wrong. McCarthy ended up saving his timeouts for a meaningless situation on the Giants’ final drive, when they were in Victory Formation.