LOOK: Paige Spiranac’s Sultry Green Jacket Photo Promotes Her Masters Towel Line

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If you haven’t heard of Paige Spiranac, you’re missing out on one of the most stunning personalities in the golf world. This smokeshow of a former pro golfer has been turning heads with her jaw-dropping looks. Spiranac, a social media sensation, has a new venture up her sleeve. She’s advertising her Augusta Towel Collection on Twitter, where she’s modeling in just a green jacket, as she prepares to sell her line for the upcoming Masters.

Paige Spiranac Poses in Sexy Green Jacket Pic to Advertise Her Augusta Towel Collection

Paige Spiranac, who is no stranger to Augusta, the Masters, and the iconic green jacket, recently shared a steamy photo on her Twitter account. Check out the racy picture here:

She is sure to garner a lot of attention posing in the the famous green jacket, and she knows it.

As the saying goes, “sex sells,” and it seems to be the case here. The alluring photo has already helped sell out several towels in her collection and we can’t say we are surprised.

Former Pro Golfer Turned Sizzling Social Media Sensation

The Masters, an annual golf tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club, is known for its prestigious green jacket, awarded to the winner each year. With Spiranac’s impressive golf background and social media influence, she’s a natural fit to create and promote a Masters-inspired towel collection.

Her unique take on the green jacket, modeling it in a sultry and eye-catching way, has definitely captured the attention of golf fans, fans of women, and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Paige Spiranac is no stranger to the golf world, having played at the collegiate level and even briefly on the professional circuit. Her golf prowess, combined with her gorgeous looks and engaging social media presence, has made her a highly sought-after ambassador for various golf brands and events.

This latest venture with her Augusta Towel Collection is just another example of how Paige is breaking the mold and adding a touch of glamour to the traditionally conservative world of golf.

In the spirit of creativity, Paige’s Augusta Towel Collection includes designs featuring hints of the iconic course and its rich history, but mainly a scantily-clad Spiranac. Golf enthusiasts and Spiranac fans alike will certainly appreciate the unique spin on this Masters-themed merchandise. The collection is a testament to Spiranac’s passion for the sport, her keen eye for style, and knowing what the public want.

As the Masters approaches, the golf world will be buzzing with anticipation over who will don the coveted green jacket after the final round at Augusta. While we may not know who will wear it next, one thing is for sure: they won’t be wearing it as well as Paige Spiranac.

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