LOOK: Sonya Deville Calls Out Vince McMahon, Wants Showdown Vs. The Man


WWE Superstar Sonya Deville took to social media on Wednesday, October 23 to call out Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch. Deville’s comments came after Lynch mentioned her on the company’s Bump This YouTube show.

Lynch was asked who she believed may be on the verge of doing big things and The Man gave only one answer.

Anybody who can get a connection with the crowd, because it’s all about the crowd that put you there–the people that put me there. If they can get that, then I see some people that can do that and I think Sonya Deville is one to look out for.”

Sonya answered Lynch’s statement with one of her own, in which she openly criticized the current women’s roster in WWE. In true heel fashion, Deville didn’t hold back as she took shots at each top female Superstar on the roster.

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Deville’s promo ended with her saying that she couldn’t wait to face The Man, because she wanted to make Becky her son, so she would have to call Deville “Daddy.” But the real buzz surrounding this situation comes from Deville’s Tweet that was directed at WWE owner Vince McMahon.


Sonya very publicly called Vince out, saying she wants to come to Monday Night Raw to face Becky Lynch or anyone else that she mentioned during her promo. While her Tweet was perhaps done by design and possibly with WWE’s knowledge beforehand, this was still a big moment for Sonya’s character to this point.

Many WWE fans believe that Deville has had potential from the very beginning. Sonya has spent the majority of her time thus far in a tag team with Mandy Rose, known as Fire and Desire. But this new angle may lead Sonya back to a promising singles run in WWE’s women’s division.

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