Look: Texas Rangers selling massive 2-lb chicken tender at Globe Life Park , ‘Fowl Pole’

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 4.33.46 PM

Everything’s bigger in Texas — or so they say — and the Rangers organization is no different.

The team announced a new food item on its menu, and it’s absolutely massive. One will probably need some help consuming the entire item — unless they can eat two pounds of fried chicken, that is.

Oh, and there’s fries involved as well — an entire plate worth of them.

The new item on the menu is called the “Fowl Pole,” and it’s a two-pound fried chicken tender, served over a bed of fries, with honey mustard sauce on the side.

That actually looks extremely appetizing, and we’d totally buy it, but it’s $27.50, so we’d need some friends to help us finish it.

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