Lopez (3-2, 4.41) @ Arroyo (4-1, 3.19)

Well, David Wells (okay, and Keith Foulke too) showed up yesterday and pitched a great game. Wells would have had a shutout at Fenway Park, considering those two home-runs by Jeter and Sheffield would have ended up being wallball singles. Alas.
A lot of people said that this was a do or die start for Wells, and I can’t help but think the reason a lot of people said that was because they believed Wells would show up and pitch well. It wasn’t exactly a do or die start. After all, Derek Lowe went the entire season last year with a 5.42 ERA. Wells would have still been throwin out there.
We begin a four game series tonight against the Orioles (7:05, 7:05, 7:05, 1:05) that if we sweep, could end us up in first place. The Orioles are victims of a three-game losing streak, the last team to be victims of said streak this season. This doesn’t mean they’re stumbling though… they’re 14-12 in May, that’s not terrible, and they just finished sweeping Seattle before walking into a Detroit sweep. Baltimore fans, chill out. Losing Bedard, Lopez, and whoever the other guy was for an extended period of time does hurt, but your’ll still stay in contention.
I am really enjoying this series matchup. The Orioles are in first, and I’ve always liked the Orioles. I of course want to watch the Red Sox sweep the Orioles, but I will cringe a bit and hope the Orioles get back on track after the sweep. Bronson Arroyo last time out lost for the first time since August of last year. He’s going to try to start a new streak tonight against the pitcher that gives the Sox fits all the time – Rodrigo Lopez!
Should be a fun night. Leave comments before, during, and after the game, fellow obsessed Sox fans.

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