Love is in the air

Well after using Dev’s blog for my shameless self promotion of my blog, I figured I would bash him a little more with a true love story for the ages. Well it was a slow weekend in the off-season, and a Saturday if I remember correctly when we decided to drink a little bit. Well after gathering a group of people, we decided to visit a local pizza place for dinner and drinks. Well after a few cheap pitchers of crack-head beer, Dev decides to open a large can of worms by using an innocent word. Well the special word was awkward. When used in a sentence it would sound something like this. Bob, Vivian, Melanie awkward. Names have been changed for the privacy act of 1802. Not sure of the year but it sound good, I don’t have as large a staff as Dev, kind of a one man show around here. Well back to the story so Dev says one word and the looks of confusion, anger and for one male, petrified. After a few more hours of drinking, I left Dev at the bar to do more damage. I guess in a drunken stupor something awoke in Dev. And at 6:45 in the morning a loud bang at the door meant that Dev was home. Opening a unlocked door for a drunk Indian was a site that I will probably never see again. Dev was actually going thru remorse or his conscience had finally started working, 23 to late. But to make a sad story short, Dev ended up playing the greatest round of golf the next day. So I don’t think Karma has anything to do with it, almost a case of reverse Karma, start a huge fight, feel a little guilty and karma repays you with the best round of golf ever.

The couple is still together, Dev hasn’t had another run it with his conscience, so I guess the world is back in working order.

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