Lowe: Celtics called on Kyrie, but trade with Cavs unlikely

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

Zach Lowe just published a column with insight into the Kyrie Irving situation. Here’s what he had to say about the Celtics:

Most teams, including the asset-rich Celtics, have placed the obligatory call letting Cleveland know they would like to be kept in the loop, sources say. Boston could offer Isaiah ThomasJae Crowder and one of their golden picks — Brooklyn’s pick next season, or the Lakers/Kings pick they got from Philly in the Markelle Fultz deal. It’s unclear if they would dangle all of that, but those picks could represent the young stud Cleveland needs. Regardless, a deal between the East’s two best teams seems unlikely.

I’m vehemently against a deal that involves IT, Crowder and one of those picks. Hell, I’m lukewarm on trading for Kyrie altogether.

Lowe tabs Denver and Minnesota as two locations that make sense for Cleveland. Minnesota is a bit trickier because a 3rd team would be required.

I’m starting to think a trade is more likely than not because the Cavs continue to burn the bridge:


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