‘Madden 21’ sparks controversy with new feature that allows players to kneel as celebration (Video)

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No one really expected a video game to drum up so many headlines the last few days, but that’s exactly what “Madden 21” has been doing.

And it’s probably because Electronic Arts elected to hype up the game with a marketing ploy, pandering to social justice warriors around the world by adding Colin Kapernick into its game for the first time since 2016. It’s interesting because Kap is a free agent, so he’s not currently in the league, yet he’s in the game.

But that’s not where it ends in terms of social justice in the game, apparently.

Gamers can now have their player take a knee in the end zone as a touchdown celebration in the game, if they choose to.

This joins the Kaepernick “fist” celebration that was also added in this year’s edition of the game, and speaks volumes about where the game stands on social issues.