Making the most of a bad time

I am calling it an EPIC FAIL.

Neither the Ducks nor the Coyotes are televising today’s game. Really?

I HATE hockey on the radio. The announcers are always homers so I don’t think you can get a true objective on a hit or a goal (or non-goal). I like being able to see it, so I can make my own informed (albeit biased) opinion. Hockey is just much too fast for the radio. It comes across best in person, then on tv is a distant second.

Now, I know it’s the Ducks and we see them six times a year but those six games also happen to be some of the best hockey played by the Coyotes, year after year. Even when we sucked, we usually always brought it for the Ducks (and Sharks and Stars). Those games are alwasy intense and always great hockey to watch.

So, I will probably tune in for a bit to the radio but it just doesn’t hold my attention. I just think one of the two teams should be airing it. It’s a Sunday. I don’t want to watch football. I want to watch hockey and I really want to watch my team. So again I say EPIC FAIL NHL, EPIC FAIL.

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