Manny Ramirez trading Beans for Apples?

I’m off to the land of Cape Cod, meaning I’ll be without a computer for a solid week. When I come back, will it be a new landscape?
Will the Mets finally pry their prize, Manny Ramirez, from the Red Sox?
Will the Red Sox have recieved Aubrey Huff (a great hitter who has been slipping) and a renowed defensive outfielder who has had a good offensive season?
Or will the Red Sox have succeeded in prying more people from the Mets (as they should)?
Will we be off the hook for $64 million, money that can be used with awesome powers this offseason?
Will the Devil Rays, with their staggering haul (Yusmiero Petit, Lastings Milledge, Kelly Shoppach, and Anibal Sanchez for only AUBREY HUFF! – okay, Danys Baez too, but he’s hardly Mariano Rivera) become a dominant force from 2007-2017?
Will this trade spark the Red Sox like it did last year?
Personally, this trade is amazing for the Devil Rays and solid for the Mets. I’m not so keen on just getting a probability in Cameron and a possible enigma in Huff – and nothing else in return.
Huff does not have much defense to mark, so while he could start off in left field, what when Nixon comes back? With Nixon’s leg issues, a move to left (and Cameron staying in right) isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Huff is more a 1B/DH. That means two DHs and four 1Bs (Millar, Olerud, Huff, Ortiz). Someone else has to go. If we can get a solid pitcher in return (Braden Looper?) then you should pull the trigger and eat the decline in offense for an increase in defense, flexibility, money, attitude, and pray Huff reverts to 2003 form. It’s a risk much like last year.
Only time will tell if this risk pans out. If it does, Theo is truly a genius. If not, it’s a season wasted. For mark my words, more will be at stake in this blockbuster trade than it was for the Nomar trade.

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