Marcus Peters, Jalen Ramsey nearly come to blows in heated altercation (Video)

The Ravens and Rams aren’t even in the same conference, and rarely even play each other, and yet Monday’s primetime matchup made it feel as if the two were heated division rivals.

There was plenty of trash talk and taunting throughout the game, with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh even getting into it by inciting the fans in the game’s final minutes, which is very rare for him.

Not only that, there was an interesting dynamic between Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters and the Rams. After all, the Rams traded him away just a month ago, and it appears he still had a bone to pick with them.

That was evident when Peters picked off a Jared Goff pass, then celebrated excessively on the sideline afterward. That bad blood spilled over onto the field after the game, when Peters and Rams new cornerback Jalen Ramsey were seen getting into a heated argument. Ramsey essentially replaced Peters, so the Ravens cornerback clearly had a bone to pick with him. The two eventually had to be separated by players and staffers.

Peters then had some choice (and NSFW) words for the Rams on his way to the locker room.

We can’t wait until these two meet again.