Maryland and Rutgers Rumored for the Big 10


You've seen this flying around the internet, but let's talk about it now. From ESPN: 


The University of Maryland is in serious negotiations to join the Big Ten Conference, sources told ESPN on Saturday.


If Maryland goes from the ACC to the Big Ten, Rutgers of the Big East is expected to follow suit. The addition of Maryland and Rutgers would give the Big Ten 14 members as the league gears toward negotiations on a new media rights deal when its first-tier rights expire in 2017.

Well this is a kick in the balls for the Big East. The league as it used to be is dead. The league as we knew it was dying. The league as we thought it would be is a corpse. It's the walking dead out there. Cincinnati is trapped in a tree, surrounded by the zombies Central Florida, Houston, SMU, Temple and the pretty dead space of Sandy Eggo. 

Corresponding moves have Connecticut bailing to the ACC. With how hard Louisville tried to move to the Big 12 instead of West Virginia, you can bet your bottom dollar the Cards try to take that spot. Hopefully the Big 12 would expand again and Cincinnati would find a home. I joked on twitter that if the Bearcats couldn't leave, they should go independent. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea. You have to play a very hard schedule and doesn't seem economically feasible, but it seems so much better than being bitten by irrelevance. 

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