Memo to Bills – Sell the house to get a QB by Joe

For the last 18 years, I’ve always adapted the philosophy of “You can win in this league with average QB play and great defense/running game.” It has been a talking point I’ve mentioned on Twitter, podcasts and bar stools. All you have to do is look at the final 4 teams in the NFL this past season or even go back to when the Broncos won the SB with Peyton Manning’s dead arm or when the Seahawks won the SB with the 31st best passing offense.  The San Francisco 49ers made it to 3 straight title games with the 29th, 23rd, and 30th best passing attacks in the league.

These teams accomplished the pinnacle when the QB position wasn’t the best position on their team.

For years, I’ve begged the Bills to just adjust the philosophy and they have failed at it. They had a really good defense in 2014/2013, but the offense was a train wreck, specifically the running game (ranked 15th/27th in YPA). Then, when the offense started scoring more points under Rex and LeSean McCoy/TD Mike/Karlos Williams started eating up chunks, the defense went into the toilet.

AGAIN…Great defense and great running game. You need both…and an average QB.

However, there comes a time in your football life where you kind of want to think differently, especially when it is something you really haven’t seen in 20 years: Top notch QB play

Maybe seeing Tom Brady shred the division for almost 20 years has pushed me to the brink. You want to be a part of the cool kids club of having a great QB. It reminds me a little of the mindset of the tank for McEichel. A big part of it was wanting a star player to be able to say he’s yours. A guy, who no matter how shitty the team was, at least you can go down to the arena and see an elite talent play. I want that star for the Bills.

Every draft year, I say the same fucking thing: The Bills don’t have to reach for a QB because they have other holes and should pick the best player available. Build the team first and then eventually find the QB. For this year only, I am changing my tune. Maybe it is because of the hype surrounding this QB draft class or how the Bills acquired picks so they could have assets for this draft class. I want a QB in the most irrational way because I’m sick of hearing irrational takes about the QB position.

I’m fucking tired of arguing about the QB in this town. I’ve lost writers who couldn’t stand arguing with Maga Chuds about Tyrod. I’ve lost my own will to argue with people about the philosophy I mentioned about great defense/great running game/average QB play. I’m sick of all-22 assholes from the press box telling me a WR was open when Jordan Mills almost got Tyrod killed. I’m sick of dumb asses overrating a 5th round rookie QB who can make all the throws. I don’t ever wanna hear back shoulder throw or Dick Rennison again. I’m basically sick of what seems to be an endless discord and blame session about the QB position in this town. Basically, I’m sick of you!

So, yeah, my Twitter feed has driven me to say “WE WILL DO IT LIVE AND GIVE UP EVERYONE TO SELECT A QB!!” That way, there may be some serenity as I feel most Bills fans will hope the highly touted QB rookie will eventually become the ONE. Basically, and in probably the most naive part of this piece, I want to live in a Bills Twitter world where we don’t wanna kill the guy after one throw because the hopes of the franchise are attached to a high pick and we’ll have a little more patience because of that.

Now, before I break up and go heel turn on President Taylor, let me just say for the 200th time, I like Tyrod. I think he got a raw deal in this town when it comes to the Bills giving him shit WRs  and a shitty offensive system this past season and misdiagnosing the Sammy Watkins ankle injury from 2016. Put Case Keenum or Nick Foles on the Bills last year and they are not nearly as good as this past year. The Bills did zero fucking favors for Tyrod. Hell, they did zero favors for Ryan Fitzpatrick when Donald Jones was his #2 WR. Now, while being a bit of an apologist for Tyrod, I can’t ignore how the Bills have not been a good passing team for basically 20 years.

Since 2003, the Bills have the fewest passing yards in the NFL. That fucking sucks.

That not only sucks, but that also gives me a feeling of “Man, what have I been missing in the NFL?” It is  a passing league and yet the league is passing the Bills by in that regard. Something has to change. Again, find me that fucking QB. It sounds awesome in theory to just waive your magic wand and find that guy. Sadly, it will always become a crap shoot when it comes to the odds of drafting a successful one in the top 10. The odds have not been very good when it comes to finding that guy as it is more bust than boom. Still, you gotta take a chance.

So, now that I’m telling you the Bills should trade at least 3 first round picks and then some to move into the top 6, let me also tell you that no matter which QB they pick, the team will probably suck next year. [Insert top 10 QB name] will get killed next year because of the OL, lack of WRs, and being a rookie. Yes, that’s the double edge sword of not filling other needs and boy, do the Bills have other needs. They may be the worst playoff team to ever hit the damn off season in 20 years…and that’s why you can give up picks. When Sean McDermott comes out and says we aren’t as far along as some people think we are, that tells me the Bills are trying to buy time. That next year doesn’t mean dick because this has always been a 3-4 year project. So, if your mindset is to NOT expect the Bills to be a 10-win team [Raises hand] then giving up assets won’t matter as much because you’ll try and build around the team next year when you are 85-million under the cap and have another draft.

Rome doesn’t have to be built in a day in the NFL.

Additionally, and strike me down if you are a draft enthusiast, but when you trade picks for one asset and the trade doesn’t work, it doesn’t kill your franchise. Washington gave up three 1st round picks to move up 3 spots to select RG3. Did RG3 work out? Fuck no. But you know what? It isn’t like Washington became the Browns. They made the playoffs twice. Even when the Bills gave up TWO 1st round picks to move down 5 spots, did the Browns make out like bandits on that trade? Fuck no. The Browns sucked. Hell, the Browns have traded down more times than Donald Trump has with his mistresses and they have sucked. My rule of drafting thumb is this: If you are a good GM, you can find guys anywhere. Ozzie Newsome has made a living off not picking in the top 10 all that much. Basically, the GM matters and better not be a giraffe [Shifty eyes].

Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is finding a building block that also needs a lot more blocks. Andrew Luck and Jack Eichel have showed us that you better have a decent team around your star player or your team will suck balls.

So, yes, envy of other teams, draft hype, and Twitter have pushed me to say the Bills should trade up into the top 10 to draft a QB. Start building your franchise by selecting the best QB you can in this draft and then build it up next year and beyond.

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