Men’s College Volleyball by the Numbers!


So, tonight, let’s summarize the state of men’s college volleyball in all five facets of men’s college volleyball – Division I, Division II, NAIA, Division III, and the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). There has been new growth in the sport and there are positives in each of the five elements. Let’s look at the summary, then, by the numbers.

Team Totals and Percentages

Total = 190 teams, distributed as shown below.

DI = 22 teams, 11.6% of the 190 total. DI teams participate in EIVA, MIVA, MPSF, and, starting in2018, the Big West.

DII = 25 teams, 13.2% of the 190 total. (includes 1 team which begins play in 2018). DII teams participate in the CCAR, MIVA, MPSF, EIVA, and as independents.

NAIA = 34 teams, 17.9% of the 190 total (includes 2 teams which begin play in 2018). NAIA teams participate in the Chicagoland Conference, the Heart of America Athletic Conference, and as affiliated independents.

DIII = 94 teams, 49.5% of the 190 total (includes 4 teams which begin play in 2018). DIII teams participate in numerous conferences east of the Mississippi River, including the CUNY, GNAC, MCVL, CVC, NECC, NEAC, UVC, Skyline, and independents.

CCCAA = 15 teams, 7.9% of the 190 total. CCCAA teams participate in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference and the Western State Conference in California.

Additionally, there are 85 Canadian men’s college volleyball teams playing to the North of the USA. These 85 teams are split into two divisions, the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) with 34 teams and the CCAA (Canadian College Athletic Association) with 51 teams. CIS teams are the equivalent of the DI, the DII, or the NAIA while CCAA teams are the equivalent of the DIII.



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