MetsCare: Healthcare that’s amazin’!

Keep your doctor for as long as you live! With MetsCare, you are your own doctor, just like Noah Syndergaard! No more worries about getting an appointment – you have access to your doctor 24/7! Imagine having a doctor who always makes  house calls!

Pre-existing conditions? No problem! Are you showing signs that something is wrong, as Thor did when he couldn’t lift his arm above his head or Yoenis Cespedes did when he was grimacing during batting practice? MetsCare is happy to look the other way, allowing you to get on with your busy schedule! (At least until you go on the DL.)

No high-risk pools! Other health care plans may consider Matt Harvey high risk just because he’s coming off thoracic outlet surgery after having gone through Tommy John. Not MetsCare! They are happy to allow Harvey to pitch a day ahead of schedule with three hours notice. And it was the second time in April Harvey had his start moved up. Riddle me this, Dark Knight – would any other health plan allow your pitching schedule to keep changing like that?

Mental health coverage:  Unfortunately, MetsCare does not offer this benefit at this time. That’s because anyone who signs up for MetsCare must be really nuts.