Miami Heat owner explains why Kings should stay in Sacramento to Seattle Sonics fan

Updated: 8:48 am


When it comes to deciding the fate of the Sacramento Kings, NBA owners have stayed relatively quiet.  But now the thoughts of one owner, who’s part of the league’s relocation/finance committee, have gone public.

On the heels of last week’s unanimous recommendation in favor of Sacramento, Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat, engaged in a direct message Twitter conversation with a Seattle SuperSonics fan about the decision.  Twitter user Danny AKA @Dah_knee leaked the private dialogue between he and Arison to Seattle radio host Dave “Softy” Mahler.

As of midnight last night, Arison was following Danny on Twitter.  He’s since unfollowed him.

Below are a few quotes (rewritten with correct grammar, punctation and spelling) from the Heat owner in his conversation with the Sonics fan.

Arison on what the committee was deciding:

You don’t want to understand.  The question before the committee is has Sacramento done all it should to keep the team?  The answer is yes.  Not a vote about Seattle.

Arison on the differences between Seattle in 2008 versus Sacramento in 2013.

If Seattle, especially local politicians, had done what Sacramento’s did, a move to OKC would never have been approved.  I want a team in Seattle, just not Sacramento’s.

Arison on whether Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer really stepped up to save the Sonics in 2008 and the political climate in Seattle five years ago.

Sorry, but you are wrong.  Ballmer never stepped up in ’08 and the issue was the turning down of the arena project to (former Sonics owner Howard) Schultz then (current Thunder owner Clay) Bennett over a many years.

Arison on which comes first: another franchise being relocated or league expansion?

Another market move is more likely, but expansion will be considered after the next TV negotiations.  Ciao for now.

Arison on the proposed plan five years ago to renovate KeyArena and buy the Sonics:

That proposal was unacceptable to the league and they knew it.  I got to go, sorry.  We do care about the fans in Seattle.  I do.

Screenshots of @Dah_knee‘s entire dialogue with Arison can be seen by visiting KJR Radio.

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