Mid-day navel-gazing

Just a quick few notes on what to expect from the BBC as we ramp up and launch our 2009 season…..

We’ve got a weekly feature called “What Do You Want To See On Saturday?”, in which our crack staff (or is that “staff which is on crack?”) will discuss the keys to victory, and the necessary milestones for upcoming big games. We’ll be running that every Thursday.

On Game Day, we’ll be hosting a live chat courtesy of Cover It Live. So far, we’ve got a few other Buckeye blogs on board and we’re looking for more. Join us for pre-game discussion and a live chat during each and every Ohio State game.

There used to be a wonderful feature on Buckeye Commentary, a “play of the week” video that could be either downloaded or streamed live. That was Keith’s brianchild, but we don’t know if he is bringing that feature with him over to Eleven Warriors. We’re going to give it a try here at The BBC and see how it goes. We have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth on our servers, so it’s worth a shot (psst…Site5 hosting is awesome).

We will be participating in the Big Ten Bloggers’ Pick’Em contest every week. Two years ago, The BBC were champions of the league, but we slipped into the lower half of the league last year. We shall avenge our fall from grace in 2009!

All that being said, one year ago today, The Buckeye Battle Cry is celebrating an anniversary today. One year ago today, we moved from a free blogspot blog onto our own private domain name. Back then, it was just me writing as much as possible, and I knew it was a big step forward, but I didn’t know how much this site had left to grow. The blog itself is nearly three years old, but we made our big move onto this domain a year ago.

Today, we feature five writers – myself, Dave, Jim, MaliBuckeye, and Eric. We’ve got a handful of advertisers so we can actually afford to pay the costs of our domain/servers! And more importantly, we went from about 100 readers a day (a year ago) to 700 readers a day (today).

No, we’re not the biggest dog on the block, but I am thrilled with the progress we’ve made, and I’m overjoyed that you have stayed with us and you keep coming back to check out The BBC. We promise we will keep giving you the content and the humor you love, and thanks for sticking with us throughout our early days and into our latest growth spurt.

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