Mike Muscala Impresses In Celtics Debut


The Boston Celtics acquired Mike Muscala right before the NBA trade deadline, and he has fit right in. The Celtics wasted no time in introducing Mike Muscala to their lineup.

Fresh off his acquisition from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Justin Jackson and two second-round picks, the veteran forward made his debut with the Celtics in Friday night’s home game against the Charlotte Hornets at TD Garden. The Celtics are eager to see how Muscala will contribute to the team’s success and bolster their roster for the rest of the season.

Muscala Shines in Celtics Debut

Mike Muscala made a lasting impact in his first appearance with the Celtics, knocking down his first 3-point shot and finishing with a strong performance. He connected on 4 out of the 8 3-point shots he attempted, ending the game with 12 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound, and 1 block in just 16 minutes of playing time as a bench player.

The Celtics were dominant in their 127-116 victory, and Muscala played a crucial role in securing the win for his new team. With such a promising start, fans and teammates alike are eager to see how he will continue to impact the court.

Jayson Tatum Weighs In On Muscala

“I was joking with him — he hit his first shot and we were sitting on the bench and I was like, ‘Man, that’s big time,'” Tatum said following the Celtics win. “To come to a new team, never practiced with us, come in and knock down your first shot, just as a basketball player I know how good that felt. We can just see how important he can be for us — big body, long arms, obviously can stretch the floor. I’m glad we got him.

Muscala Adds Legit Bench Depth

Mike Muscala’s versatility as a floor spacer and long-range shooter made him a valuable addition to the Celtics roster. With a 39.4% 3-point shooting average, he demonstrated his accuracy from beyond the arc in his debut, improving that percentage with his performance.

He can play power forward and center in small-ball lineups and provides interim head coach Joe Mazzulla with another versatile option on the bench.

While Muscala may not be a starter, he will still be a crucial player coming off the bench. His ability to stretch the floor with his shooting and versatility in playing different positions makes him a valuable asset to the team. He brings a unique set of skills to the court that will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the Celtics.

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