Mike Purcell Yells at Russell Wilson As Denver’s Season Continues to Spiral


The Denver Broncos have had a frustrating season to say the least. In their most recent loss to the struggling Carolina Panthers, Mike Purcell, the Denver nose tackle, got frustrated as he exited to the sideline and was seen yelling at quarterback, Russell Wilson. At first, it is unclear what Wilson may have said. But, one could have only imagine as Denver’s offense led by Wilson continues to be stagnant while the defense came into the matchup giving up the second least points in the NFL. At the press conference, Wilson shed light on what he actually said to Mike Purcell. Denver has had trouble finding answers since their Super Bowl 50 win, but this year may be the most frustrating for fans.

Watch: Denver Broncos’ Nose Tackle Mike Purcell Yells at Quarterback, Russell Wilson 

Denver’s Horrendous Day That Led to Purcell and Wilson Altercation 

The Broncos lost the game 23-10. There were many instances during this game that were a microcosm of this year’s campaign. Sam Darnold fumbled on the goal line. However, he recovered it and still managed to roll into the end zone for a Panthers touchdown. After Latavius Murray broke through for the Broncos’ best run of the season, Wilson was stripped and the Panthers recovered the fumble. However, the boiling point was late in the fourth quarter when Mike Purcell snapped on Wilson after something was said on the sideline.

Wilson later said that he was trying to pump up the team and Purcell. With this interaction happening right behind head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, it is clear why Broncos fans are upset with how this season has turned out. Hackett came into this game on the hot seat. However, with what happened in the Carolina game, the Broncos may be looking for a new head coach this week. This whole scenario perfectly encompasses what Denver has gone through this season.

Denver’s Uninspired Season 

Despite boasting a top-three defensive unit, the Broncos came into this matchup with the least productive offense in the league. One baffling stat that stuck out leading up to this game was that Denver would be 9-1 if they had scored 18 or more points in each game this year. The team is also 0-3 in overtime matchups. They also had blown their last two games where they led by a score of 10-0 at one point. On top of that, Denver also possesses the least efficient red-zone offense in the NFL.

There have been many “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve,” scenarios that have occurred this year. However, the Broncos came in with playoff aspirations and have failed miserably to this point. Despite all the injuries and the questionable calls, when you pay a quarterback the money you paid Russell Wilson, you must overcome these obstacles. Mike Purcell’s outburst on the sidelines was frustration boiling over. His feelings perfectly sum up many fans’ feelings after the most recent defeat to the Carolina Panthers. The year is all but lost now for the Denver Broncos and the fans are rightfully upset.

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