Mini Pony of the Day 1-30-09

Mini Pony of the Day 1-30-09
This looks Photoshopped as hell, but that won’t stop me from using it. The two chicks in the back both get their own…

…Hey, baby. Hey, baby.

The first half of this link dump is going to be ridiculously self-serving. Just warning you:

I took part in MPIE. [OFTOT]

My socks are at Sean’s place. [Sean’s Ramblings]

Yesterday’s MPotD, I linked to a list of blogger Twitters. Here’s another badass list that I’m on courtesy of my buddy Rockabye. Follow my Twitter here. [The Arena]

Stacy Keibler has broken my heart. She picks the Cards. [Moondog Sports]

Super Bowl WAG trivia contest. [The World of Isaac]

David Wells hates Joe Torre? [Josh Q. Public]

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