Mini Pony of the Day 3-11-10


Thanks to Nhoji for this. The pic was linked on Reddit, and was named the “Woolly Mammoth of mini ponies.” I wonder what the “Mini Pony of woolly mammoths” would look like. Waitaminute…my mind is overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of that last sentence.

Big Ben’s own words. [OFTOT]

Young Joakim Noah with short hair. [Not Qualified To Comment]

This is awesome. Never fight a man who knows boxing. I could watch this all day. [No Guts, No Glory]

Fedor Tyutin meets the wrath of Rogaine. [Hockeyhead]

What Tiger’s really been up to at Rehab. [Global Sports Fraternity]

Some Dallas sports celebs sing This Kiss. Of course. [With Leather]

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