Mini Pony of the Day 8-20-10


Thanks to Angela and Clark for this. They sent like 10 pictures, so you’ll get to see the rest as they get posted. Angela says:

Saw these fine wee guys when in Ireland at the Irish National Stud (where they breed racehorses, and apparently some of the cutest mini ponies a tour group of 40+ people can coo over!).  My husband has flip cam video, too, but he needs to do file conversion or some other technical thing.  We instantly thought of PSAMP; well…after I shouted like a 5-year-old “looooooook, mini ponies!!!!” and ran to pet them.  3 different ponies, at various angles and such.  The really wee one that sat down and posed for us was the favorite!

Glad to have brought a little more of Ireland to the ‘Burgh. Mr. Rooney would no doubt appreciate it!

Nice. Ireland rules, and this is coming from someone who is not Irish at all.

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