Mini Pony of the Day 9-3-08

Mini Pony of the Day 9-3-08

Either Horselander finally achieved the legendary model look, or emo pony just wants to vent. I have a feeling there’s something involving little guy in the background, too.

Work on your own Blue Steel, then come back and read these links:

Vote for Sean Leahy. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Rudi Johnson replaced Tatum Bell in Detroit, so Tatum Bell stole Rudi Johnson’s bags. [Larry Brown Sports]

VP nominee Sarah Palin with a Penguins jersey. [The Pensblog]

What will Devin Hester do this year? [Tremendous Upside Potential]

Randy Couture to come out of retirement to fight Brock Lesnar. Never thought I’d type that. [MMA Frenzy]

Tiger Woods’ knee rehab included knocking up his wife again. [With Leather]

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