MLS Attendance: Atlanta FC Is Averaging 50,000 Fans Per Game, More Than Chelsea And Other Premier League Clubs

MLS Attendance: Atlanta FC Is Averaging 50,000 Fans Per Game, More Than Chelsea And Other Premier League Clubs

The MLS has suddenly become one of the fastest-growing soccer leagues in the world with top teams, like Atlanta FC, averaging more attendance than Chelsea and other Premier League clubs. With cheap concessions and affordable ticket prices, Atlanta FC has been able to attract an average of 50,000 fans per game.

Major League Soccer is making some noise this season, with attendance through the roof on opening day. Some teams have even experienced a better average turnout than some NFL and Premier League clubs.

Atlanta United FC is one of the best-performing teams in the country. The MLS team is averaging nearly 50,000 fans per home game this season, more than Premier League clubs like Chelsea, Aston Villa, and Leeds United.

Atlanta United FC was nearly able to compete with an NFL franchise. The MLS squad came up just short of the Washington Commanders, who averaged around 58,000 fans per game, good for last in the NFL.

Atlanta United FC Home Opener Had 67,538 Fans In Stadium

Things are looking up for Atlanta United FC. In 2022, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium had the second-highest average attendance with 47,116 fans. The season opener against San Jose had 43% more people in attendance for a total of 67,538 fans.

The season opener was not far from the NFL game attendance of 69,422 last year. Additionally, Charlotte FC had 69,345 fans attend the season opener. It’s the first time the MLS has averaged over 65,000 fans in the stadium on the same day.

The MLS season opener average is better than the average attendance of 13 separate NFL teams, including the Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and more.

Atlanta United FC Averages 50,000 Fans Per Game

For comparison, Manchester United has the highest average attendance in the Premier League with 73,672 fans. Aston Villa, which averages 41,688 fans, ranks eighth in average attendance.

For MLS, the fact that Atlanta United FC are averaging 50,000 fans per game in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a sign that the league is growing in popularity. In fact, the MLS club has more fans coming to games than Chelsea, Everton, Leeds United, and more.

One of the great things about attending a game at Mercedes Benz-Stadium is that owner Arthur Blank has made a commitment to keeping food prices low.

Fans can enjoy a hot dog, soda, or pretzel for just $2. Waffle fries, nachos, and pizza are just $3 while the most expensive items, like a chicken finger basket with fries, can be enjoyed for only $6.

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