‘Monday Night Raw’ (11/16) Results And Review: Go Home Show For ‘Survivor Series,’ Two Championships On The Line, And More

Monday Night Raw

This edition of Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was the go home show for Survivor Series and it featured two championship matches including the Raw Tag Team Championships as The New Day defended the titles against The Hurt Business and the WWE title was on the line as Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre clashed once again.

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Drew McIntyre came out to open the show. He talked about Survivor Series and how it is a Thanksgiving tradition. He said he is thankful for his fans and he claimed he will regain the WWE title. He talked about visiting Roman Reigns on SmackDown and how Roman only cares about himself. He says he will regain the title and humble Roman at Survivor Series. Randy Orton appeared on the titantron saying that he is thankful for being a 14 time WWE Champion. He said the fine that he got for putting his hands on Adam Pearce doesn’t bother him because he has been suspended for worse things. Randy said he is still here because he is the greatest wrestler ever. He said he will prove it when he beats him later on in the night. Drew said it ends tonight and his foot will come crashing through Randy’s head. The Miz and John Morrison interrupted threatening that Miz could cash in Money In The Bank possibly later on. They claim Bray Wyatt is afraid of them because he has been hiding. Miz tells Drew that change is coming. Drew agrees but he tells Miz he is not a patient man. Miz said his lack of patience is what costed him the title. Miz said he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank regardless who wins.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax confronted Lana about their tag match. Lana said she wants to prove that she belongs on the team. Shayna said it’s not about Lana, it’s about Shayna and Nia running the division.

Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke Defeated Nia Jax, Lana and Shayna Baszler

Shayna and Nia attacked Lana after the match. Then Nia told her that she earned their respect and welcomed her to the team. Then Nia picked Lana up and Samoan Dropped her on the announce table once again.

Review: It was okay. The whole story of Lana trying to show she is a valuable member of the team is pretty entertaining especially with how Nia and Shayna have been acting throughout it but I’m not too crazy about it.

Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle and Sheamus were all arguing backstage until AJ Styles interrupted them. He continues to assert himself as captain but Sheamus doesn’t think he is the captain. Braun tells them enough of the nicknames. AJ tells them they got a match with Retribution. AJ gives them Raw shirts and he tells them he will make them a winning team. Riddle was going to give the team a nickname but AJ blows him off.

Charly Caruso interviewed Dana Brooke to give an update on Mandy until Reckoning came from behind and attacked her. Officials broke up the attack.

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss appeared on Fire Fly Fun House. Bray calls Miz rude but he wants to help Miz with his issues. Alexa said Bray will face Miz later on. Bray warns him he doesn’t want to see his bad side. Bray shows his agility as he is blindfolded and knocks out the puppets. He also spells the word jackass and spells it as Miz. He throws darts at Rambling Rabbit. They laugh as he hit Rabbit with the dart. Bray said he’ll see him soon and the segment ends.

The Hurt Business came out to the ring. MVP talks about The Hurt Business being the best of the best as he claimed Bobby Lashley will squeeze the life out of Sami Zayn. Shelton Benjamin claimed him and Cedric will win the Raw Tag Team titles and they beat The Street Profits at Survivor Series. MVP said they will control most of the control of Raw and put SmackDown out of business. The New Day interrupted saying that everything they said was a lie. The New Day said it will be the best of the best as they will face The Street Profits. Kofi calls them the jerk business. Xavier says The Hurt Business will not represent Raw as the Tag Champs but The New Day will.

The New Day Defeated The Hurt Business To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championship

Review: Really great match. I don’t think there was any doubt that New Day were losing the belts with how much they building towards them facing the Profits at Survivor Series.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre talked backstage. Sheamus surprised Drew with a chest. Drew opens it and it’s his old kilt along with a sword.

Mustafa Ali cut a promo with Retribution backstage. Reckoning says Retribution is one step ahead of their enemies. Ali said everybody on the team are all the same and they are waiting to stab each other in the back. He said the captain will go down with his ship.

Retribution Defeated Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Keith Lee and Matt Riddle

They all argued with each other after the match.

Review: This was what it was. I’m just not interested in this whole story with the Raw team because there’s nothing being up for grabs with the Raw vs. SmackDown match at Survivor Series other than bragging rights which is lazy.

Nikki Cross was trying to find Alexa Bliss until she was interviewed, asking her why she is still looking for her. Nikki said she has never gave up on Alexa because she is still her friend. She wants to snap her out of whatever spell the Fiend has her under. Sarah rushed over to see Jeff Hardy ripping papers off the wall and she asks why he is upset. Jeff revealed it was a wanted poster for Jeff Hardy from Elias getting run over in the hit and run. Hardy said he is out for Elias.

Hardy confronted Elias about the poster and he said he just wants to take matters into his own hands. Hardy said he did not hit him with it but Elias doesn’t believe him. Hardy pushes him against the locker and tells him he didn’t do it but he’ll be guilty of a whole lot worse with what he does to Elias.

The Miz and John Morrison came out to the ring. Miz tells Bray that he said things that were out of line but he wanted to move on. He said there is no reason to have this match and he offered for them to work together against Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. Alexa Bliss came out and tells them he said no. Nikki Cross comes out to tell Alexa to snap out of it. Alexa looks like she has but then slaps Nikki. Alexa attacks her and the two went at it on the stage. Officials separated them until Bray Wyatt came out to the ring. Alexa went with Bray to the ring for the match.

Bray Wyatt Defeated The Miz

The Fiend’s music hit after the match as Alexa and Bray walked up the stage.

Review: This was pretty entertaining. I’m loving the pairing of Alexa and Bray especially how Alexa has been acting in these segments.

Charly Caruso interviewed Adam Pearce about Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Adam said they will replaced by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce as a result of their injuries. Charly interviewed Asuka about her match with Sasha at Survivor Series. She said she will beat Sasha and that no one is ready for Asuka.

Charly interviewed Randy Orton before his match and he said he has a long list of distractions and tells her she doesn’t want to be on that long list.

Angel Garza cut a video promo saying that he is a thorn in the rose to provide protection.

Shayna and Nia talked about taking out Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke being taken out. They said that they don’t need anyone on their team. Lacey and Peyton walked up to them and said they want to strategize. Nia and Shayna blew them off and they left. Nia said that this is the worst idea since Quibi.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Randy Orton To Become The NEW WWE Champion In A No DQ Match

Review: Really good match. Although, I’m not sure what the point was of Randy becoming champion at Hell In A Cell if Drew was going to win it right back shortly after.

Overall Review: This show definitely was not the most watchable go home show, especially for a Survivor Series that honestly feels very lackluster. The tag title match and the segments with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss were by far the most entertaining out of this show but other than that, there wasn’t really much to go crazy about.

Grade: 5/10

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