‘Monday Night Raw’ (12/21) Results And Review: ‘TLC’ Fallout Show, Holiday Street Fight, And More

Monday Night Raw
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Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St Petersberg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. This was the fallout from WWE TLC this past Sunday in which we’ll see what happens next to Randy Orton after the Inferno match, the aftermath of Charlotte Flair’s return to help Asuka win the Women’s Tag Team Championships and what’s next for Drew McIntyre after his successful title defense.

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One half of the New Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair opened the show. She is happy that the Queen is back on Raw. She introduces her other half Asuka. Asuka gloats about winning the Tag Team Championships with Charlotte and said Nia and Shayna were not ready for them. Charlotte was about to mention Asuka’s Women’s title until Nia and Shayna interrupted. Nia said its good to see Charlotte and her robotic voice back. Charlotte says she kicked her ass at TLC. Jax tells her that they are handing out seasons beatings. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke interrupted pointing out that Shayna looks like Rudolph without the nose and Nia looks like a reindeer without antlers. They point out that Nia and Shayna are no longer the champs. Charlotte calls out a ref for Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke to take on Nia and Shayna.

Nia Jax And Shayna Baszler Defeated Dana Brooke And Mandy Rose

A video was shown backstage of The Hurt Business picking on a guy who has a New Day shirt on. They rip the shirt off of him and put a Hurt Business shirt on him.

The Hurt Business came down to the ring for the VIP Lounge. MVP gloats about The Hurt Business capturing the Tag Team titles. Cedirc says the titles now have the prestige that they deserve. Lashley said they are the most dominant force in WWE and there is not a man alive that can take the U.S. title from him. MVP has the photographer take a picture of them with all the gold until R Truth photobombed it with his 24/7 title. Raw Superstars chase after him. Riddle and Jeff Hardy interrupt as well. MVP said they weren’t invited to the party. Riddle tells them that they should be chilling listening to Joe Rogan and watching Dave Chapelle instead of going to the club. He tells them there is no need for the negativity that they bring because they are all the same. MVP said they don’t agree and no one cares. Jeff Hardy said there are better things in life than money and status. He said they will not live a life of greed and they fight with their faith.

Angel Garza was interviewed backstage before his match. He says he will give all the women in the world the gift of Garza. He gives the interviewer a rose and suggest maybe she can interview him after the match.

Angel Garza Defeated Drew Gulak

Charly Caruso interviewed AJ Styles backstage asking for his reaction to Miz’s cash in at TLC. He claimed The Miz screwed him out of winning the WWE title and wants to know what he has to say for himself.

The Miz and John Morrison hosted Miz TV in the ring. Miz is upset that he failed his family to become a 2 time WWE Champion. He apologizes to them.  He introduces AJ Styles as his guest to apologize. AJ Styles and Omos came out to the ring. Miz apologized and said he was taking advantage of an opportunity. AJ snaps at him saying he costed him the title. Miz snaps saying the contract was everything to him and he gave everything to be the poster child of WWE. Miz said he wanted to take Raw to new heights but now he wants to make this right. He apologizes to AJ saying they were both robbed at TLC. Miz gives AJ a holiday gift and gives him an opportunity to co star in the new Marine movie. AJ and Morrison freak out on each other after Omos claimed Morrison cashed in the contract for Miz. Miz demands WWE Management to get his contract back since Morrison cashed it in. Drew McIntyre came out saying he is going to take them out later tonight. He points out that AJ will remember that match for a long time with the scar he has from it. Drew talked about celebrating his title win from TLC. He recites a Nightmare After TLC story along with Sheamus and Keith Lee who came out as well. They don’t remember the ending but they want to make the ending right now. They all brawl in the ring. Sheamus, Drew and Lee take them out. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but AJ kicked Lee into Sheamus. Sheamus and Lee argue as Drew tried to separate them.

Sheamus and Lee argue backstage but Drew yell at them to stop. He tells them it was an accident and to cool down. He tells Sheamus to cool off for their match and Sheamus walks away. Drew calms Lee down saying it was an accident and wants them to be on the same page for tonight. Lee agrees as he walks off.

T Bar Defeated Ricochet

T Bar gets on the mic saying Retribution is Ricochet’s friends. He tells Ricochet that he will suffer he continues to refuse to join.

A video showed of The New Day from earlier that day saying they are not worried because they will get back the titles. Kofi said they will bounce back because it is what they do.

The Hurt Business Defeated Riddle and Jeff Hardy

AJ, Miz and Morrison were seen arguing backstage as Omos just watched on.

Elias was in the ring with Jaxson Ryker. Elias thanks everyone who has put his Universal Truth album on their lists. He said he is going to show how powerful his music can be but then Lucha House Party interrupted which lead to a match with Gran Metalik and Jaxson Ryker.

Jaxson Ryker Defeated Gran Metalik

Randy Orton made his way to the ring. Orton said he has been called sick, twisted and deranged. He said he proved that he is every one of those things. He said The Fiend is no man and he is not normal. He said he enjoyed every second of watching The Fiend burn. Orton said he can still smell the burning flesh. He said he couldn’t sleep because the voices in his head were gone and all he hears is The Fiend gasping his last breath. Orton said he is the evil SOB that took him out. All of a sudden, the lights start to go out. They come back on and Alexa Bliss appeared on a swing in the ring. Bliss says this is her playground and invites Orton in to join. Bliss says Bray could be anywhere like getting a tan or having a BBQ. Bliss said he may have absorbed into the mat and said he is home. She teases that he might come back and it might be nothing like he has ever seen before. The lights go out.

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce were interviewed backstage saying they are not sitting down waiting for opportunities and they are going to take it to Charlotte and Asuka. Peyton said she was the one that challenged Charlotte not Lacey.

Charlotte Flair And Asuka Defeated Peyton Royce And Lacey Evans

Drew McIntyre was seen going over the game plan with Keith Lee and Sheamus.

Miz is talking on the phone backstage to get his contract back as Morrison was getting ready until AJ tells him to hang up for their match.

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus And Keith Lee Defeated The Miz, John Morrison And AJ Styles

Sheamus knocked out Keith Lee with the Brogue Kick after the match. Drew yelled at him for it as the show went off the air.

Overall Review: It was an okay follow up from TLC but it just felt like the usual formula for Raw which couldn’t keep my attention as much. The opening segment felt like the usual opening promo to a Raw where one team comes out to talk then the team they are in a rivalry with comes out and then another team comes out. The matches were pretty good to average Raw matches. The main event with Drew, Lee and Sheamus defeating Miz, Morrison and AJ could’ve been better but they didn’t go as balls to wall as I expected it to be because they structured this match like they are tagging in and out which it should be a tornado tag when there’s no DQ. I don’t understand why they got to stand the apron waiting for a tag to come in rather than just brawl all around when there is no rules to the match. I did like the segment with Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton. Alexa has never looked better since teaming with Bray Wyatt and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. I’m glad Angel Garza is back in the fold though and hopefully he becomes a must watch star going forward. I’m also glad The Hurt Business is getting the shine they are getting. The promo that Riddle cut during the segment with The Hurt Business just felt so forced and just not funny. The stuff with Asuka and Charlotte was what it was and I could see Charlotte turning on Asuka at some point which leads to a rivalry with them.

Grade: 5/10

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