‘Monday Night Raw’ (12/28) Results And Review: WWE Title Match Next Week Announced, Alexa Bliss Calls Out Randy Orton, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St Petersberg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. This show helped build towards the Royal Rumble on January 31st. Advertised for the show was Alexa Bliss hosting “Alexa’s Playground” with Randy Orton as her guest.

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Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. Drew gave a little tribute to Brodie Lee saying “It’s Monday, you know what that means.” He reflects on his year of being on top and thanks all the fans who were behind him. He brings up the Sheamus and Keith Lee match to determine who will face him for the title next week. Sheamus came out to the ring. Sheamus said he promised he wouldn’t touch Keith Lee during the match and he didn’t till after the match. He said he wants to face Drew as friends and put on a physical match. Sheamus said they are going to kick off Raw in 2021 the right way. Keith Lee interrupted saying Sheamus looked upset that they won last week for whatever reason and kicked him in the face. Lee said there is zero trust in Sheamus now. Lee said he will wait till the bell rings to beat him. Lee warns Drew that Sheamus might stab him in the back. Sheamus yells at Lee for that until Drew decided to have the match between them right now. Drew said it doesn;t matter who it is, he will leave still the champion. Sheamus knocked Lee down with a Brogue Kick.

Keith Lee Defeated Sheamus To Become The #1 Contender For The WWE Title

Elias was playing his guitar backstage. Ryker was about to get annoyed by the boos but Elias stopped him and continued playing.

Lucha House Party was in a video promo as they came down to the ring saying the outcry from Miz for trying to get his Money In The Bank back is useless.

Gran Metalik Defeated The Miz

Elias was playing his guitar until a strong knock on the door was heard. They opened it up and it was Omos and AJ Styles. AJ said he is trying to right the wrong of his match at TLC but he can’t hear because of Elias. He insults Elias for trying to be like Johnny Cash. Elias said at this stage in AJ’s career, he doesn’t have any chances at the WWE title left. AJ challenged him to a match and threatened to break his fingers so he can’t play anymore. AJ and Omos left the locker room.

Shayna Baszler Defeated Dana Brooke

Shayna choked out Mandy Rose after the match.

Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring for Alexa’s Playground. She said The Fiend built it for her. She teases that he might come back for Raw Legends next week to see his hero Hulk Hogan. She said he might be coming back to her playground. She calls out Randy Orton to be her guest. His music hit but he didn’t appear. She calls him out again. His music hit but he didn’t show again. She thinks Orton won’t play with them anymore. She thinks it’s rude but then the Fire Fly Fun House logo appeared. Randy Orton showed up on it and he doesn’t believe The Fiend is coming back as he trashes the Fun House. He said if he does come back he will show how sick and twisted he is. He rips off Rambling Rabbit’s head. She gets angry and challenges him to meet her in the ring later on. Randy accepts.

They show footage from June where Nia attacked Charlotte’s shoulder to put her out of action.

Charly interviewed Charlotte Flair about her match with Nia later on. Charlotte said Nia is a great competitor but if there is someone to bet on it is her. She said for 2021 she will climb to the top like she always does. Asuka came in saying she will beat Nia as she blew a kazoo.

AJ Styles Defeated Elias

They showed Ricochet’s appearance on Raw Talk as he said he may have to do something different in order to show that nobody will step all over him anymore.

Mustafa Ali had a video promo as he came out for his match with Ricochet saying Retribution is Ricochet’s friend and they won’t stop until he joins.

Mustafa Ali Defeated Ricochet

Ali got on the mic saying he is going to give Ricochet a chance to reclaim himself. He asks to join Retribution. Ricochet says he will not join and knocks Ali out with the Recoil. Ricochet dodged out of the ring as Retribution went after him.

Charly Caruso interviewed Nia Jax about her match with Charlotte. She said Charlotte is right to be afraid of her. Nia said she will take out Charlotte, get back the tag titles and win the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Shayna goes up to Charly afterwards saying that might not be a bad idea.

Charlotte Flair came out for her match against Nia Jax as she came out with Asuka.

Charly interviewed Drew McIntyre about his title match against Keith Lee next week. He said he is excited that Lee stepped up and he has the spark to get to the top. He said they are going to beat the hell out of each other but he will still be champion.

Charlotte Flair Defeated Nia Jax By DQ


Shayna Baszler had the clutch on Charlotte as Nia landed shots on her until Asuka came in for the save causing Nia and Shayna to retreat.

Footage from earlier showed The Hurt Business pushing away some guy backstage who was in their way.

Charly interviewed Angel Garza backstage and asked about his first year on Raw. He said he had his ups and downs but it’s time for new beginnings. He said he will probably ask out one of the female legends next week. Charly asked who is the rose for but then R Truth ran him over, ruining the rose as Raw Superstars chased after him. Garza gave Charly the rose anyway.

Jeff Hardy, Riddle, and New Day gloat over Big E’s Intercontinental title win on SmackDown. Riddle names their duo The Little Bronies. Xavier said that it is taken. Riddle tries to list a bunch of names to them as The New Day’s music hit.

The Hurt Business came out after Hardy’s team came out. The Hurt Business said that Lashley wants to make a prediction for 2021. Lashley said he is entering the Royal Rumble and he will main event WrestleMania to win the WWE title.

The Hurt Business Defeated Jeff Hardy, Riddle and The New Day

The Hurt Business continued their attack on them until they fought back. Riddle landed a knee to the face of Lashley in the ring and they left.

Miz is upset about the briefcase as Morrison tries to cheer him up. Adam Pearce appears with the Money In The Bank briefcase saying that Miz was right. Since Morrison cashed in the contract and not Miz, Miz is still Mr. Money In The Bank. He hands the briefcase over to Miz. Miz and Morrison celebrate.

Alexa Bliss came down to the ring. She motioned to Randy Orton to come out and Randy comes down to the ring. Randy asks her where The Fiend is. Alexa said this is about her. She grabs a present from the time keeper’s table and brings it to the ring. She opens the box up to reveal a gasoline can and a match. She tells Randy she wants him to do to her what Randy did to The Fiend. Randy just stands there. Alexa pours the gasoline by her and tells Randy to light her on fire. Alexa yells at him to do it but Randy doesn’t. She gets upset as she pours the gasoline around her. She tells Randy that he doesn’t have the guts. She said Randy is not sick or demented and calls him a bitch. She pours gasoline on herself. Randy asks Alexa if she thinks he won’t do it. He said he wants to do it but she wants him to do it. He said he’ll do it right now as the lights start to go out. Randy lights the match and is about to drop it until the lights go off. The show ends.

Overall Review: This wasn’t a bad show, it had it’s moments but this was still pretty lackluster. The opening match with Keith Lee and Sheamus was really good. I’d probably say that was match of the night. Keith Lee winning was the right move especially with the fact they are taking the scenic route for Sheamus and Drew’s match to happen on a more important show. The Styles/Elias match I felt was a thrown together match, something for Styles to do. It didn’t make any sense to have the match too because it was all due to Elias making noise while Styles was on the phone. The easiest thing for Styles to do is go in another room in a building in the storyline like there are other rooms in the building. So it was just ridiculous. The match wasn’t too bad though. The other matches were pretty much average. I’ll admit Ricochet stepped up his game in the ring but the storyline is still bad. I wish Ricochet could just get away from the whole Retribution story. Miz getting the back the briefcase from Adam Pearce felt kind of weird with how Pearce was presenting it almost like he is tricking him but it looks legit. I guess we’ll see where it goes but if it’s legit, I don’t see him cashing in successfully. The segments of Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton were one of the other best parts of the show. Alexa has been awesome in the role she is in now. I do like that they were going for the cliffhanger ending so I’m interested to see what happens with that. One thing I really love on the show is the amount of tributes to Brodie Lee that stars like Drew McIntyre, Xavier Woods and Alexa bliss were doing in their segments.

Grade: 5/10



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