‘Monday Night Raw’ (2/15/21) Results And Review: Changes Made To Elimination Chamber Match, Lacey Evans Shocking Reveal, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. This was the last Raw show before the Elimination Chamber pay per view event. A gauntlet match was scheduled in the show featuring the participants in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match to determine the final entrant in the Chamber match with Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, The Miz and Sheamus all competing.

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The show started with The Miz coming down to the ring for Miz TV. He welcomes everyone to Miz TV and introduces Drew McIntyre as his guest. Drew McIntyre came down to the ring. Miz explains that Morrison is out making a diss track with a producer. Miz asks Drew if his road to WrestleMania could end at the Chamber because he would be panicking. He brings up Sheamus betraying him and challenging him for the WWE title. Miz doesn’t let Drew get a word on as he continued to tell Drew how unfair it is to defend the title inside the Chamber instead of facing Sheamus. Drew yelled at Miz to shut the hell up. He tells Miz if he interrupts him again, he’ll rip his head off. Miz talks over him again and Drew nailed Miz with a head butt. Drew tossed the Money In The Bank briefcase out of the ring and left. Miz gets up saying the cracks of Drew’s title reign is already showing. He says he doesn’t have the pressure that Drew has because he still has the briefcase. He hints that he could possibly cash in the contract at the Chamber. He says he is a master strategist and wants anybody who is going after the World titles to hear his footsteps. He claimed he is in control and he will be standing in the ring as the champion once he cashes in. He says he is removing himself from the Elimination Chamber match. Miz leaves the ring.

Riddle and Lucha House Party get ready for their 6 man tag match. He asks them about their favorite president and says his favorite is Harrison Ford. Lince Dorado said that all sounds good but they all want to care of the Hurt Business tonight. They go out to the ring for their match.

Riddle and Lucha House Party Defeated The Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley attacked Riddle and Lucha House Party on the entrance ramp. Lashley threw Lucha House Party around and put Riddle in the Hurt Lock.

The Miz talks with Adam Pearce backstage. He thanks Adam for giving him the opportunity to be in the Chamber but he wants to give an young up and comer his spot. He picks John Morrison as his replacement. Adam said he will take it under advisement. They shake hands and Miz leaves.

Mandy Rose was talking with Bad Bunny backstage, praising his Rumble appearance. She leaves and Damien Priest joins up with him. They are interviewed about their alliance and Priest hypes up Bunny’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. All of a sudden, Akira Tozawa pins R Truth to win the 24/7 title. Damien Priest threw Tozawa into the crates backstage, knocking him out. Priest tells Bunny to cover him. Bunny covers him to win the 24/7 Championship. R Truth gets up and goes on a rant saying that Lil Michael better stop ducking him.

The New Day confronted Adam Pearce, asking him if he is really going to add John Morrison in the match. They try to get Kofi in the match. Miz confronted them as Kofi was telling him that he wants to take Miz’s place. Miz makes the case that John Morrison was a former ECW Champion. Adam makes the decision to have Miz face Kofi Kingston tonight. If Kofi wins, he is in the Chamber but if Miz wins John Morrison is in. The New Day hype the match up and makes fun of Miz’s Marine movies. Miz walks away.

Before their match, Lacey Evans was on the entrance stage with Ric Flair and Peyton Royce. Lacey thanks Charlotte for giving her the title shot last week. She says Ric thinks she’ll be ready to be champion at Elimination Chamber. They show Charlotte a sweetheart candy for Valentine’s Day saying Bite Me for Charlotte. Lacey tells Asuka that she will give Lacey a gift of her own and that’s the Raw Women’s Championship.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce Ended In A No Contest

During the match, Lacey Evans says Charlotte can’t put her hands on her because she is pregnant. Ric celebrates and they leave.

Charly Caruso interviewed Sheamus backstage asking about the Gauntlet match later tonight. He says he shouldn’t have to fight for the odds of being in last in the Chamber. He says he will win the Gauntlet match. In The Chamber match, he’ll chill out, watch the match and he’ll Brogue Kick all the participants head off to win the WWE title.

Kofi Kingston Defeated The Miz To Join The WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Lana and Naomi were interviewed. Lana was asked about defeating Nia last week. Lana said it was probably luck but she gave it her all. She said Naomi is her lucky charm and she is honored to be partners with her. Naomi said they will bring the glow and take it to Nia and Shayna once again.

Randy Orton cut a video promo saying that thanks to Sheamus, him and Drew still have unfinished business. He said he has proven he has done whatever it takes to win. He reminds that he lit The Fiend on fire and now he is no more. He says his sights are on the WWE title and he will be in the ring with 5 victims. He said he will hit them all with the RKO until Alexa Bliss interrupted. Her eyes were closed but then opened to reveal the glowing eyes. She talks about The Fiend being destroyed in the fire but he will be reborn. It shows her in a pentagram and laughing.

Shayna Baszler Defeated Lana

Adam Pearce was looking at his phone backstage until Braun Strowman confronts him. He asks Adam why he is not in the Chamber match. Adam said Braun is not a former WWE Champion and it is what it is. Braun says he wants Adam to let Shane McMahon know that he needs to make things right or else things will not be pretty around here.

AJ Styles came out for the Gauntlet Match. He talks about Kofi Kingston entering the Chamber match. He said Kofi is trying to recreate KofiMania. He says it is not Kofi’s destiny to be champion. He said he will crush all of his dreams to become WWE Champion again. He tells Kofi that he considers this Gauntlet match a warm up for him. AJ said he will give an example of how things will be inside the Chamber as he plows through everyone. Kofi comes out to start the match with AJ Styles.

AJ Styles Defeated Kofi Kingston To Advance In The Gauntlet Match

Drew McIntyre came out next.

Drew McIntyre Defeated AJ Styles To Advance In The Gauntlet Match

Jeff Hardy came out next. They showed a video promo saying that he is willing to risk everything to win the Elimination Chamber match.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Jeff Hardy To Advance In The Gauntlet Match

Randy Orton came out next.

Alexa Bliss’ face showed up all over the screens during the match with Drew which causes Randy to be counted out. Drew Claymore Kicks him out of the ring.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Randy Orton By Count Out To Advance In The Gauntlet Match

Sheamus came out from behind and attacked Drew all around ringside.

Sheamus Defeated Drew McIntyre To Win The Gauntlet Match And Become The Final Entrant In The Elimination Chamber

Sheamus brags about pinning the WWE Champion. He tells Drew he could never beat him and he will become the new WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber. The show ended with Sheamus celebrating on the stage and Drew trying to make it back to his feet.

Overall Review: The show wasn’t all bad but still it’s the same 3 hour drag. I’m glad they got Miz out of the Elimination Chamber match because it doesn’t really make sense to have him in it if he has the Money In The Bank contract. I’m also glad it was Kofi that is the replacement. It makes sense since he is a former WWE Champion. The whole tag match with Charlotte and Asuka facing Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans was not all that good but it was all overshadowed by Lacey’s announcement that she is pregnant. So I guess that means that the storyline is done for which I don’t mind at all. I don’t know where that leaves Asuka going into Elimination Chamber because she is supposed to defend against Lacey. I also don’t know where this leaves Charlotte and Ric in the whole shuffle. Bad Bunny winning the 24/7 title I’m sure not a lot of people are not going to be too big of a fan of but the 24/7 title has been a joke title since it came about. I got no problem with Bad Bunny winning the title and it gives a little more exposure to the product if he brings that title to SNL this weekend. So the last hour as I expected was going to be the Gauntlet Match. The matches were really good especially the ones with Drew and AJ and Drew and Jeff Hardy. Alexa getting involved to cost Orton the match was pretty predictable especially with her showing up surrounded by a pentagram. I have a feeling that The Fiend will possible show up at the Chamber to get Randy eliminated somehow. Sheamus winning was probably the best scenario they could’ve gone with to give the suspension of disbelief that Drew could possibly lose the title (which is highly unlikely). Sheamus could also face Drew McIntyre one on one for the title afterwards either at Fastlane or at WrestleMania.

Grade: 6/10

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